So what’s the hype about freeze dryers?

I make no secret about it, next to a new dishwasher, I really want a home freeze dryer!


I have a water bath canner and a pressure canner (<—- can’t wait to give that a good workout this summer!). I also have a dehydrator.

And yes, before you go, “how on earth do you use all those?”

I do. We can stuff like tomatoes and apples and now can do broths and low acid foods. I got a crap load of onions this past fall and dehydrated the lot. My kitchen smelled like onions fo days!

But think of it! All of those things I put in the freezer? I could freeze dry! Or even all those things that I throw out, because it’s just the two of us?

Think about it.

Feeding the family

With 4 kids I am used to making large batches. I make so much pasta sauce, but I could freeze dry the left overs!

Fruits and veggies in season and on sale? Yes, please!

Shelf stable for up to 25 years? Yes, please!

Feeding the dogs

The dogs LOVE freeze dried food and treats! I paid $21 for a small bag of freeze dried chicken to add to their meals.

Worse when I went online to buy it, it was 2X that amout!

Where is that emoji with the eyes bulging out?

Emergency Prep

We also have purchased those prepping supplies of, I think it is 30 days worth of freeze dried meal? Nooooo, not MREs and don’t evern get me started on that lol.

Its good! We tried a few of the foods, to make sure we liked them. And well worth the money!

But think about being able to prep your own foods! You know those family recipes and comfort foods!

So I am saving up to get my own home freeze dryer!

But what about the cost?

Yes, I know that these are expensive. But don’t think of them as expensive, think of this as an investment!

And at the time of this article, they are also on sale!


So here is what I am talking about, and what I am saving up for!

I will let you know how it goes! Like I said I am super excited about getting my hands on one and trying it out!

Let me know what you think, would you use a freeze dryer? Would you eat freeze dried food? Would you be interested in freeze drying food for your family and pets?

Just wondering!




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