Let’s talk about trip planning!

The pandemic is over!

Revenge travel is gone!

It’s time for us to get back to our normal travel agendas!

Judi, you have how many trips to Disney/Universal are planned in 2024?

Not quite sure how it happened, but we, or just me, will be going to Disney 4 times in 2024.

Now, before you come at me about how expensive and that there is more to see out there, let me explain.

Two of those trips and possibly a third are for runDisney events! One we won’t even have park tickets for! The theme is Neverland and has Tink, so come on, you KNEW I had to go for that one, right? We are starting to love participating in runDisney events. It motivates me actually to get on the treadmill 3X a week!

One trip is because we didn’t get to go last year or this year to Mickey not so Scary, and we are not going to Halloween Horror this year. Next year, we will be booking a trip to experience all the fun!

And yes, before you ask, we will also be going up into the mountains in 2024. We will be going to Emerald Hollow near where we lived in NC. One of the Ruby mines outside of Franklin, NC, and of course, the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas.

So come on along with my training and my prepping to destination run, enjoy the fresh mountain air and go on thrill rides!

There is a lot that goes into these trips! Now that we are “Disney Adults” and not just families, there is a whole new way to plan and even travel!

I can’t wait for 2024!

Good things are coming

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