Will life ever get back to being normal again?

As I type that title, I have to ask myself, is there ever really a normal?

And who really cares?

I will tell you I am tired of politics. And I really don’t care what side of the aisle you are on, it’s all about politics. Wear a mask or don’t. It is not about control, other than control of a virus. Just quit posting dumb shit on facebook…. geez…

But anyways, I have made a few mask (<–  sarcasm) in the past few months. My old sewing machine is on a much needed break waiting for a tune up. My new sewing machine is doing embroidery work. This even amazes me! But it’s been awhile since I actually have sewn a mask. My focus has changed to these little cuties. 









This first one is an ear saver. It hooks around your mask and around the back of your head to take the pressure off your ears!











This is to hold a hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. It can clip to your keys or your purse or your kids backpack. Keep that hand sanitizer with you.

Of course they are Disney inspired, and because I am so in the mood, they have fall patterns!

I will be adding these to my Etsy on August 31st Enchanting Fairy Co

I am so ready for fall. aren’t you? Isn’t everyone? It is 100+ degrees here in Texas. Bring on the cooler weather!

And just like that we have another change. Another new normal. Things never stay the same. They are never static, it is normal for things to change. Quit looking for things to go back to the way they were, and learn to live with the way things have become. I mean you aren’t wearing your swim suit in January, cause you are wishing things would go back to normal. Well ok so those in warmer climates are, but the majority of us aren’t.

If you don’t like wearing a face mask or having your temperature taken, then find other ways to do things. Have enough respect for other humans to know there is legitimate fear. Don’t belittle or make them feel bad. They are not sheep. You have no idea what has happened in their lives. Maybe they have a loved one at home that they care for that has a compromised immune system. Maybe they have recently been around someone that is positive.

The fact is you don’t know. Don’t project your beliefs on to them.

The great thing about our country is that we can all believe as we need. We are not in a country where we are forced to. But you are saying, they are forcing me to wearing a mask!

Nope, they aren’t. In your own home, in your own car, you don’t have to wear a mask. It is when you are around other people that you have to wear one. Don’t want to wear one, stay home, stay in your car. Your choice.

This whole thing reminds me of the sign, No shirt, No shoes, no service. I would never ever dream of questioning a business making me shoes or shirts inside their establishments. It is common curtesy.

Remember that.

Show respect.

Wash your hands. Preferably with soap and water, but if you can’t hand sanitizer will do.

Use a mask where you need to. And either use a disposable or wash your cloth mask.

Change your undies daily. Brush your teeth twice a day. Wash behind your ears. Clean your fingernails.

Sorry, that last one, the mom in me came out, but you get the drill.

Go put a little Disney in your day!



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