Why are mystery bags so popular?

I remember when my girls were little we used to go to Port Aransas, TX for a few days. There was a gift store there that had little brown bags that were stapled closed and sold as mystery bags. The girls used to love getting this. When we got to the car they would rip them open to see what was inside! Sometimes they loved what they got. Some times they traded each other for what was in the other’s bag. Sometimes the stuff was just… meeehhhhh. Ya know.

But the attraction was to find that treasure. Find that one thing that you really wanted. To find that elusive, best bag ever!

Disney has really capitalized on this. There are many mystery pin boxes. They have a collection of so many pins. You buy a box with a few pins in it. You hope to get the ones you need to complete your set. There is the thrill of opening these little bags to see if it is the pin that you really want! You really hope it is not a double. If you get a double in the Disney Pin World it isn’t such a bad thing though. There are many, many, Disney Pin Traders out there willing to trade you for the pin you want. Who knows your double may be just the one that you want.

This weekend I went to Spirit of Halloween and found the Hocus Pocus Key Chain blind bags. Oh Man, do I LOVE Hocus Pocus! And at this time of year you can find so many great Hocus Pocus items. Last year I was only able to get my hands on 2 bags, and while there were no doubles, there weren’t any Sanderson Sisters either. So when I saw these you betcha I purchased some. In the hope that I would get a Sanderson Sister!

This holds true for the surge in the market for subscription boxes. For these great boxes you never really know what you are getting! It’s all in the adventure!

Oh, do you want to know if I got a Sanderson Sister?? I know you do!  Check out the video, oh and if you watch all the way to the end you might want to trade! Leave a comment on the video. I am willing to trade any doubles for Halloween Park Pins as well!

Have a Magical Day!

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