Who is controlling you?

My morning rant. Let me know if you get tired of them. I won’t do anything about it, but will note your objection.
Otherwise smart people are saying, get past this. It’s over.
I have questions. (And get off the news and media, not where I hang out, and if I hear this one more time, while your nose is buried in social media, I will scream.)
My Daddy, who I consider the smartest man I ever knew, told me to always ask my questions. If I had any doubts as to why something was, to ask my questions.
There are things that just don’t add up in my brain. And shouldn’t in your brain. The numbers don’t match. I am so not a math girl, but I have enough to understand the basics and it just isn’t there.
And then there is that thing about denying something that we KNOW has always happened.
Dead people don’t vote. People who aren’t supposed to vote, don’t vote.

Guess what?

They just do.
It’s always been a thing. Going back to Dad, and points given if you can tell me this movie. I remember watching a movie with him, some Sunday. Thats what we did, watch old black and white movies. So it was an old movie. The movie was about some election, I want to say in Philly or Boston. It was all about how they got vagrants to vote multiple times. They gave them whiskey and took them to the next polling place.
It happens people. Just acknowledge it and move on.
And projections are projections. Certified votes and electoral college is the final.
I was taught, in a very liberal university, that the person who wins gets to write the history books. Let’s write this for this time. The people that control the media (News and social) get to control the narrative.
Do you all like to be controlled? Hello??

Cause that is what is happening.

No matter what side you are on, you are being controlled.
Get comfy with what side you are listening to, cause they want to control you, your emotions, your pocketbook and your way of life.
Getting off my soap box and moving it aside. I will probably need that again in a few days.
And yes, I am copying and pasting this to my blog, just in case FB wants to bitchslap me.

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