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There are a group of Disney YouTubers that doing Packing videos. They show you all of what to pack for Disney, or at least what they pack for Disney. I had every intention of doing one of these videos before my last trip. Then life stepped in the way and I never did.

I have to tell you when it comes to packing for Disney I am so very last minute. I am also throwing things in at the last minute, because I “may” need them. We do drive so space isn’t a huge concern. But still…

I realized after I got home that much of that stuff I didn’t even take out of my suitcase! I spent 5 days in Disney and an extra 7 days in Florida. So I had a bunch of stuff that I took, that I really didn’t need. Did I really need 10 Disney shirts? Really?

When I look up Disney Packing List what I find is wonderful packing list, for families. Now I am at the point of my life that I don’t travel with small children, or even teenagers. All my kids are adults and are responsible for packing their own stuff! So do I really need all that “stuff” on the packing list?

Not really.

So what did I take that I really needed?

I am making a Disney Packing List now, right after I have gotten home, so I will have it ready for the next visit and won’t find the urge to over pack. If I can remember what I didn’t need last time, I won’t be tempted to pack it again!

So here is a a list of what to pack for Disney. This list is especially for an Adult traveling with other adults, not small kids. That would be a whole different list.

Download a PDF version of What to Pack for Disney – Packing List

What to pack for Disney

The Basics of what to pack for Disney

Clothes – an outfit for everyday + a spare

Socks – Pack a pair for everyday + a few spares

Shoes – 2 pairs of comfy walking shoes

Flip Flops – just something to wear around the resorts and the pool

Under Garments – at least one set per day + a spare set


Swim Suit

The must haves

Sun Screen



Medicine – OTC and Prescription

Tooth brush and tooth paste

Hair brush and comb


Feminine hygiene items

The Just in case List

Copies of your medical prescription

Medical Insurance Card

  • FSA card if you have one or an emergency Credit Card or savings

Copies of your travel itinerary

  • Dining reservation number
  • Resort reservation number
  • Ticket number if not in the package

The emergency list


Antibiotic cream (neosporin)


Mole Skin

Cold Medicine


Cough Drops

The Tech Stuff

Magic Bands

Cell Phone

  • Phone charger


  • Camera charger
  • Extra batteries

Video camera

  • Video camera charger
  • Extra battery

extra SD cards

Tablet or computer

  • Cords for said tablet or computer

Just the stuff you will want to pack for Disney

Minnie or Mickey Ears

empty bag

Backpack for the park

Rain Jacket



Download a PDF version of What to Pack for Disney – Packing List


Let’s take a look at this list and break it down. So you can see why I added the items and what you may need to add personally to the list. It is important to personalize the list to you.

The Basics of what to pack for Disney

This is very self explanatory, but…  This is where I always over pack! for a 5 day trip to Disney do I really need 10 different Disney shirts? Now if you are going for 10 days and will not have access to a washer and dryer (or just don’t want to do laundry on vacation) then you will need 10 shirts.

Clothes – an outfit for everyday + a spare
  • For a 5 day trip to Disney do I really need 10 different Disney shirts? Now if you are going for 10 days and will not have access to a washer and dryer (or just don’t want to do laundry on vacation) then you will need 10 shirts. Calculate how many outfits you will need and then add a spare and you are good. All resorts do have laundry facilities, and most are pretty empty.
Socks – Pack a pair for everyday + a few spares
  • We have spent a few very rainy vacations at Disney. After all it is Florida and it rains, a lot! Dry socks are very important. I remember one very wet vacation running out of spares and hanging our socks to dry! You are going to be doing a lot of walking so you will want nice dry socks!
Shoes – 2 pairs of comfy walking shoes
  • Again, you will be doing a lot of walking. You want comfy shoes that are well broke-in. Take my word for it, don’t take brand new shoes to Disney. You can get away with one pair, but sometimes you want a different pair, or the one pair gets wet (see note about socks!).
Flip Flops – just something to wear around the resorts and the pool
  • First thing that comes off when I get back to my room is my shoes. After a day of walking around the park I do not want to put shoes back on to run to the food court or the pool. Flip flops are a very easy on and easy off!
Under Garments – at least one set per day + a spare set
  • These are just needed. What did your mom used to say? Something about accidents and clean underwear!
  • While you may not be doing a lot of sleeping, you will want to be comfy when you do sleep! You also may want to add an eye-mask to this. You will need good quality sleep to keep up!
Swim Suit
  • Disney has great pools you are not going to want to miss!

The must haves

I know I will start sounding like a broken record, but you are going to Florida. Sun Screen and moisturizer are a must have. Yes, you can purchase these at the gift shops, but it is nice to come prepared with your favorite brand. I can also guarantee that it will be less expensive at home than at WDW.

Makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush and comb and feminine hygiene items are all right up in things that you have to have, but are really easy to forget.

Medicine, both over the counter and Prescription. This one includes things such as vitamins. You don’t want to be without these things.

While jewelry isn’t a must have, it is a nice to have. And yes, before you ask, I have totally forgotten to pack it before. Just a let down when you can’t wear what you want. Remember to pack it!

The Just in case List

Now, this is a list I hope that you pack but never actually need. Sometimes things go wrong. I have had to take a daughter to the ER for an allergic reaction and I am glad that I did have all of these things. The Insurance card, FSA and emergency credit card came in handy that trip.

If you have someone that is on any type of prescription meds be sure you have a copy of the prescription. I have had a child (adult child mind you) make it all the way to Florida and discover that they had forgotten their antibiotics. It was nice to have a picture of the medication with a phone number to call.

And technology glitches are a way of life. Be sure you have all that information, not only on your phone, but I would advise that you keep it written down on paper and tucked away in your suitcase or purse.

The Tech Stuff

We have come to rely on our tech, even when we are on vacation. Our phones, cameras, video cameras, computers and tablets. My advise would be to grab a cord keeper for travel. And make sure you pack enough charging cords for each. Your iPhone and iPad may take the same cord, but if you only pack one, then you can only charge one device at a time.

Another thing I would recommend is a plug with multiple USB ports. Many resorts have the USB ports, but at most it only has 2 USB plug ports. You get more than 1 adult in there and where are you charging  all those devices? My camera, my iPhone and my bluetooth headphones and I need more plugs! These are usually pretty small, but boy do they come in handy.

Just the stuff you will want to pack for Disney

These are the extras! Stuff that you will want to have to enjoy yourself and just look styling!

Of course everyone wants to wear styling Minnie or Mickey ears! You can get so many great ones on Etsy now! You can coordinate them with your outfits!

Backpacks are a must have for most people in the park. You may want to throw your dry socks in there! But think about ease of getting through security! Take one that doesn’t have a lot of pockets to unzip and go through. My daughter actually has a see through one just for the park. She zips right through security!

Rain Jackets are a must have. Like I said before Walt Disney World is in Florida, where it rains, a lot! They do sell rain ponchos, but two things-

  1. It’s like wearing a garbage bag, and they rip easily.
  2. They are expensive.

Rain jackets keep you dryer and look so much better. I found really cute ones that were $20 on Amazon. Yes, that is more expensive than the ponchos, but these will last many trips to come. And we can wear them at home as well.

Why would you need an empty bag? You will need to have some place to put those souvenirs. You probably don’t want to try to cram your new purchases into an already stuffed suitcase. But if you have packed wisely you may be able to put it in your suitcase!

In Closing

I am really hoping that next trip I can avoid that overpacking syndrome I seem to suffer from each trip. Next trip I will be flying as well so this packing thing really has to become an art form.

Do you have any suggestions on what to pack and what not to pack?

Do you have any tips and tricks for packing?

I would love to hear them! Leave a comment below!

As always go out there and do something GREAT!

and have a Magical Day!











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