What is a widget?


No, don’t think fidget spinner.

Or something mechanical. Trust me there, I am not that talented.

In WordPress world a widget is those things over there —>

In the right hand column.

You see my smiling face in the about widget. I also have an Etsy widget, where I showcase all my Hand Sanitizer Holders I have for sale.

My social media and one of my YouTube videos is over there.

Widgets make use of prime real estate on your blog. It is important what widgets and content (there is that word again) you put in that spot.

Let them get to know you.

Right up on top you see I have my picture. While some blogging theory I don’t go along with, or don’t get, this one I do.

This is a piece of prime real estate that you want to use to let your readers know that you are a real person.

I know we all hate about pages. Talking about ourselves and our accomplishments is sometimes the hardest thing to write.

But think about it.

People who know us in real life get to see us. They form relationships with us by things they see and hear from us. The about page, and this mini about section, help your online audience get to know you.

So, I think that the about widget should go right up there on top. Let them know that you are a human and a bit about you. No need to go into great depth, but just some fun factoids would serve the purpose!

Social Media

Yup, isn’t it everywhere?

There are a ton of Social Media widgets out there. I won’t recommend one, because well I haven’t found one that I really like more than the others.

It’s just important that you have a way for the reader to find you on other platforms.

You want them to be able to connect with you. It is all that getting to know you thing. And what better way than your social media feeds?

Mailing List

Opps you will see that mine is not up there. Well if you are reading this and you see it, maybe just maybe I got my job done.

Mailing list are so important. This is where people give you there email to keep in touch with you.

You may offer a newsletter, or a discount code. If you have a product based business maybe you are offering a free mystery something, something in their first purchase.

I don’t know, we will get into that later, but right now, know that your email list is so important! You may get locked out of your social media account, but that email list will always be yours and your way of connecting with your followers and fans.

Yup, that is right! The goal here is to create followers and fans.

The rest of the widgets

So what now? To me those are the most important 3 and the things that your side column needs to have. But now you have all that empty space. For those of you in journalism it is what is called, below the fold. You know when you look at a newspaper you see the top half? That will have the first three, but when you flip it over there is the rest of it.

And people will flip, or as is the virtual equal, they are going to scroll.

So what are you going to put there?


Use your imagination.

What is important to you?

I think WordPress defaults to past blog post. And you can, but ….

Use that for something that you want your readers to really see!

I want them to see pictures of my Etsy products. So I found a plugin for an Etsy widget.

Maybe you want a search bar where your readers can look for specific content.

You may have a blog post that you want to make sure your reader sees, highlight it in the sidebar.

Want them to see your latest Pinterest or Instagram post? Yup, you know there is a widget for that!

Just remember that you need to always be looking at this as content too. You may need to tweak it and move it around as your blog and business grows.

I hope this talk about widgets and sidebars helped you out.

I am on my way to adding my mailing list to my sidebar, so I really hope that you see it there!

Please leave me comments or questions below.

Next time I will let you know why asking for feedback and askisment is so important!


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