Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year!

Today is January 2, 2019! It is so hard to believe!

Happy New Year!

With the New Year, for most people, comes a whole list of resolutions. Years ago I gave up on doing resolutions. Seems to me that I never even made it to the end of January. Then I always felt bad that nothing got accomplished.

But with 2019 I am no longer going to carry around the baggage of years before. I am not doing resolutions, I am doing goals! (Thank you Miss Cherry! Check out her YouTube Channel for this great video and my change of mindset.)

So I have a whole list of goals. Some may be accomplished in 2019, some may take a bit longer than that. The point is, these are things that I am going to work on. There is nothing on the list like loose 50 pounds and run a half marathon, well wait…

There is become healthy and there is run a half marathon. But the first is something that needs to be done and that I already kinda started. The half marathon thing well that has been in the works for awhile, both of these things are about follow through! The whole list is really about follow through.

Its about goals for my YouTube Channel and for my blog here. It is about business goals and personal goals. It is about things I want to accomplish and things that are realistic.

Many times we carry around the baggage of the years before. Well last year my resolution was to lose 50 pounds and I gained 20 so I will never make that resolution, so why do I try? Well, let’s change our attitude about that! Let’s make it a goal to lower our red meat and dairy intake, eat more veggies, exercise more and feel better. If losing weight happens well that is a happy side effect. I feel better, because I have changed things. I am not on a restrictive diet, so I don’t feel like I am denying myself. It’s a mind set.

So leave behind the failures of the years before. Do things for you! Do things that make you feel better!

I hope you join me here at my blog and at my YouTube Channel! I have tweaked things just a bit. Yes, a good portion will still be about Disney, but there will be more of what I love and what I enjoy! I need to get back to that. Not try to fit into the little box that people try themselves into! I have a lot of travel and adventures planned for this year! At least 2 trips to Florida and a trip to Puerto Rico as well! And that is just for starters! I know there will more as time goes on! And do I have content and projects on my list? I am overwhelmed with creative ideas!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year! I hope that you find your voice and are healthy and happy! Go out there and do something GREAT!

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