Weekend Shopping Haul How it didn’t happen

I was hoping to post a weekend thrift store haul. It just didn’t happen. I did go to the thrift stores, but to be honest, there was nothing there.

We even drove further than usual to go to a flea market on the south side of San Antonio. It was like walking through a ghost town.  And before you ask when we got there it was 9:30AM on a Saturday morning. The Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. The rare booth was open and some of the yard sale people were setting up, but in reality there was nothing. I guess all the vendors took a long weekend too!

From there we started our Goodwill shopping. I have to admit, I didn’t find much at all. Tag color or not, there just wasn’t much in the line of clothes or treasures. We visited 5 Goodwill Stores and 1 Salvation Army. I found maybe 2 shirts and some Halloween ribbon.

So what does this go to show?

I think thrift store shopping is much like the lottery. Sometimes you hit the jackpot. Sometimes you don’t even get one matching number. Now finding treasures at GoodWill Stores have better odds that the lotto, but you get my analogy.

Now we did go into Burlington and I was a bit happier in there with my finds. I like their prices for purses and home décor. They even have a good selection of Makeup, though you do have to look over it good to make sure no one has opened it and sampled it. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking!

Burlington has started putting up their Halloween décor items, which are always really nice and in my price range. I bought this really cute Halloween Plaque that is at the top of this page. They had some really cute stuff for good prices.


So over all my Saturday Shopping trip was a tad disappointing. I did get a lot of nice compliments on my purple hair though! As we had lunch several waitresses came up to my table and told me how much they loved the color. That made my day! Or it could of been the fact I was starving and stuffing my mouth full of fried mushrooms? No pretty sure it was from the compliment!

I hope your thrifting went better than mine this weekend!

It’s September! Did you get your PSL?


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