ways to get past a creative block 10 suggestions to get you started


Here are 10 ways to get past a creative block. Sometimes we are so close to the problem it is hard to see our way past the huge stop sign we imagine in our heads. Stop for a few and change your direction. That may be all it takes for a way to get past a creative block.

10 ways to get past a creative block


We have all had that problem. We want to do something creative, but we suddenly seem out of ideas. If we create for a living, then this is especially hard. Our business thrives on putting out new products and new ideas. Sometimes though we get stuck in a rut. We spend all of our days making our current product line and then when we try to do something new our brains just shut down the creative pathways.

There are a lot of good ways, but when you are blocked it is hard to even think of these, so here is a list of

10 ways to get past a creative block.

1. Go outside

Take a walk. Get your bike out and go for a ride. Maybe just sit on your front porch breathing in fresh air. Getting out of the house will change your view and get you thinking again.

2.  Have a cup of coffee

For most people coffee gets their brain going.

3. Do a mundane task

Got dishes that need to be done? Laundry? Weeds that need to be pulled. Doing things that take your mind off of the intense focus will often free your mind up to be creative.

4. Workout

I don’t know about you, but my best ideas come to me when I am on the treadmill. Keep a tablet and pencil handy to write down good ideas so you don’t have to fully stop that workout!

5. Take a nap

Sometimes your brain just needs to shut down for a bit. A power nap of just 20 minutes may do the trick. Or getting a good full nights sleep may have you waking up feeling refreshed and creative.

6. Try something new

Start practicing Yoga. Take a Zumba class. Try that new restaurant. There are always new experiences out there to try to get your creative thought process started.


7. Visit with friends or family

Sometimes, as creatives, we just need to get out of our own heads. Plan a lunch with your sister or have Sunday dinner with your parents. Meet your best friend for coffee.

8. Go through old photos and memories

Old photos and journals may remind you of ideas that you had but never did. It is never to late to start a creative journal. Write down ideas when you have them, even if you don’t intend to do anything with them. When you have creative block this is a good source to go to.


9. Do something different

Are you a seamstress that can’t seem to come up with a good idea? Go down a different path and try to crochet something. Are you a painter? Maybe you should try writing for a day.

10. Do a brain dump

Never done a brain dump? Just write down on paper whatever comes to your mind, no matter how crazy it seems. Do this for a set amount of time, like 15 minutes.  When you are done read back through, organize and cross off totally irrelevant things. You’d be amazed at what your brain comes up with when you just free think.


And in case you missed it here is the video with all 10 ways!

What do you do when you experience Creative Block? What is your way to get past a creative block? Do you have a method that works every time? Or do you try different ways?

Judith L Davis

10 ways to get past a creative block   10 ways to get past a creative block


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