Walt Disney World at Epcot During a Pandemic

If you have followed my blog or my YouTube channel you know that my annual girls trip was supposed to take place the last week of March. Walt Disney World closed down the week before. 3 very disappointed girls.

We did reschedule, for October. At the time that was 6 months away and I thought that everything would be over by then. Read all about that HERE

Well here we are in October and the world has definitely changed.

Face masks and social distancing has become common place. Lower capacity limits is something many of us are used to.

The thing is that was aren’t used to it at our Happy Place, at Walt Disney World. I know that many people do not feel comfortable traveling right now and for good reasons.

That all being said, we are here at Walt Disney World. Before our vacation was rescheduled they had upgraded us to the Yacht Club, So here we are at a Deluxe resort at the Happiest place on earth.

How is Walt Disney World during a pandemic?


Italy in Epcot WDW October 2020

Different how?

There are the obvious differences. We have to go through a temperature check before you even go through security. There was a long line, we went through the International Gateway into Epcot. But the line kept moving and didn’t take long at all.

Security was different as well. We walked through it. No going through our bags. Now 1 time the scanner did go off. We went over to the security guard. No line and he went through the bag. Not sure what set it off. But no lines like there were in previous entries into Epcot security.

Were the short lines do to capacity limits? Or were they do to it was Monday? Not sure at all.

In the morning the park was pretty empty. We went straight to Frozen, and there was a line. But it went so fast. We never actually stopped in the line at all.

On the actually ride there was only us in the back of the boat and another group in the front row.

We saw Mickey and Minnie in the calvacade twice. Anna was in her calvacade once, but not really close. Joy was up in the grass by the Land Pavilion. She pointed out my daughter’s hair, which is blue and made a heart.

We saw cast members cleaning constantly. Everyone was wearing a mask and social distancing.

I did see a cast member stop a guest that was drinking and walking. He stopped her and asked her to either stop and drink,  off to the side, or pull her mask back up. She quickly walked over to the side and, I assume, finished her drink.


Over all I felt good about the day. The resort is beautiful and laid back. Epcot was quiet and very enjoyable.

It was hot and humid and wearing a mask was some times a bit of a pain, but at no time was it unbearable.

I have come to the conclusion we can’t live in fear. We all need a bit of magic in our lives. Taking certain precautions is worth enjoying a bit of Disney Magic!

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