Valentine’s Day? Already?

Running an Etsy shop can be, well, a lot of things. But one of the main things is you aren’t out of one holiday when you start thinking about the next holiday!

So before everyone was even done putting presents under the tree, I was thinking about what to offer for Valentine’s Day.

I have offered before variations of these ears.

Mouse Kiss Mouse Ears

Aren’t these just cute?

This time I added a red sparkly bow to the black pair. I really love it!

Here is the back.

What makes my embroidered ears different? Most of my ears have a front and a back. They aren’t just felt on the back, but actually have a design.

These will be in my Etsy Shop on January 5th. That is Wednesday! Already?

My thing is this. I have one pair of ears that really sell well. My Mary Poppins Ears. (see them here —  Jaq and Mac Mary Poppins Ears) I sell this set quite a bit.

I would love for these Valentine’s Day ones to sell out! I am going to be offering 5 of each.

They are double sided, as I mentioned.

They are also pretty light weight.

Now these don’t have a wide headband like the mouse ears in the park. If you have thin hair you may want to clip them in with hair clips or bobby pins.

That being said, these ears are comfortable enough to wear all day.

They will be available January 5. 2022. I will try to remember to update this with a direct link when they are listed!




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