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OK so this post has taken me a bit to write. SO much going on right now! I originally did a video of the Unboxing thinking that I would post it to my YouTube Channel, but …. the footage was horrible! I didn’t realize just how bad the lighting was in my office. Lets face it, the lighting sucks in my whole house! I wish I had nice big windows with lots of light coming in, but I don’t so I have to deal with it. Since then I have fixed the lighting issue, so we will see how that goes next time!

But in the mean time!

Gifts from Mickey is a monthly or one time only gift box services. The box I ordered was a Theme Park box and it was Wishes Box that is $75. With shipping that came to $90.10. I actually had a coupon code that I found from an unboxing on YouTube that saved me 10% so my total was $82.50.

Here is what I got in my wonderful box from Gifts from Mickey! I have to tell you I was blown totally away!

I was wonderfully surprised at all the great goodies I found in the box! I had filled out a survey after I had ordered and she really paid attention! In my survey it had asked what my favorite ride was. I replied that it was a toss up between Haunted Mansion and Pirates. I got something from BOTH! She asked if I like coffee. Well, duh… and I got a pound of coffee!

The frame is absolutely gorgeous and I would post a picture of just it, but it now host one of the few (if not the only) photo of all my kids and my husband and I in front of the Art of Animation! It was PERFECT!

The snow globe is Tinkerbell (I had put she was my favorite) and it is actually signed by Ariel! And there is a picture of Ariel actually signing it! How cool is that?

I absolutely LOVED getting this box. My husband’s and my wedding anniversary is coming up in September and he is ordering me the larger one time only box as a gift! I have a great husband. And yes I know because I get to tell her my preferences so he didn’t want it to be a complete surprise.

Now some of you may be wondering about the value of this GREAT box. I told you how much I paid. I added it up and it came to $99. That was without the coffee. That didn’t have a price on it. So it was well worth my money. I think that she paid attention to my preferences also made this a standout box, beyond the monetary value. But my favorite item was the picture frame and that was a total guess on their part.

Now are you wondering where I found a discount code? Well I am not a big enough YouTuber to be able to offer my own. (maybe someday?) but if you go to THEMISSALLIECAKES and watch her unboxing of Gifts from Mickey she does offer a discount code.  Though I will tell you right now, her channel is addictive. Especially if you like Disney! I love watching all her unboxing videos.

Oh and so I can grow MY YouTube channel check me out at Judith L. Davis  I do have a couple of new videos and I am adding more and more. Since I changed the direction of my blog, I also change the direction of my YouTube Channel. And amazingly enough I love making videos. Go figure!

Until Next Time!



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