The World is Changing…

Ya know, the world is always changing. It just usually changes a bit slower. It gives us time to get used to the changes.

The past month the world has changed rapidly. We are all facing a new reality. One that we may just have to get used to eventually. They are saying this may be our new normal.

For some that is really difficult to deal with. For others they are thriving. I know, go figure.

But the one thing that has really made me aware of changes is the people who are stepping up.

Now we are all praising our heroes. The first responders, our doctors, nurses and health care teams. But there are other, ordinary people who are stepping up to do what they can.

Let me tell you a story.

My daughter is working very hard at her job. She is a cashier at our local grocery store. Hard work and long hours right now. Some times it is difficult telling people they can’t purchase things in their carts. You see our grocery store has imposed limits on what you can buy.

One of those limits is bottled water. You can only purchase 2 units of bottled water. They want to be fair and make sure everyone gets a chance to get water.

A woman came through her line with 4 units of distilled water. My daughter said, “I am sorry m’am, I can only sell you two of those”. Her register will actually stop her from ringing up any more.

The woman looked at her and said, “My son is on a feeding tube, we need this. I can’t be coming back and risk exposure.”

Well this devastated my big hearted daughter, but like I said, her register won’t even let her do this. She said, “let me call my manager.”

At this point the gentleman behind her said to them, “M’am, I am not getting any water, I would be happy to purchase those with my groceries for you.”

This man didn’t know the woman, but stepped up to help a total stranger out. Now my daughter’s manager was already on her way and did an over ride, but the simple thought that this person was willing to do something was tremendous.

It wasn’t a huge thing, but to that woman, and her son, it was a big thing.

So in this time of change think about what you can do to make a difference.

It doesn’t need to be a huge thing.

Little things add up and we can make this world a better place than what it was before all the craziness started!


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