The different Disney Dining Plans

Let’s face it, vacation isn’t much of a vacation without great food! And Disney has some wonderful places to eat! It doesn’t matter if you want a sit down extravagant meal or a grab and go snack, Disney has something to fit your needs.

Disney also has the dining plan to fit just how you eat!

Now the military does not get a discount on the dining plan. They do however get to do a ticketless package with the dining plan. What does that mean? Simply that you can combine your resort reservations with your dining plan.

I love the dining plan. I know there are mixed reviews about it. Everyone has their own opinions and I have read some great reasons for and against. I am still in the I want the dining plan camp!

Here are three huge reasons why I love the dining plan.

  1. I love that my meals are paid for before I even get there. Yes, I could budget and have the money, but it is one less thing I have to worry about. It is all taken care of!
  2. I don’t have to worry about ordering the cheapest or the most expensive thing on the menu. It is easy to just look for that little DP (Dining Plan) icon and I know that I am good. I don’t do that if I am living on a budget!
  3. In my opinion it opens the door to trying new things. Yes, I know that I am on vacation, but to be honest when I am not worry about the cost I am more likely to try new restaurants and new food choices.

So now that we have gotten that out of the way, what are your choices in Dining Plans?

Let me first qualify that I have used 2 of the 3 dining plans. The last is just too much food, but I can see where it would be ideal for some people.

The Quick Serve Dining Plan

My two daughters and I did this our last trip and loved it! We were there mainly for the Flower and Garden festival and had the time of our life using our snacks and quick serves all around the World Showcase! We didn’t do any sit down meals, though several of our quick serves were just as comparable to sit downs! There was still plenty of food, and lots of wonderful snacks!

It includes:

2 quick service meals

2 snacks

per night of resort stay

The Disney Dining Plan

This is our typical go to dining plan. We love to have family meals at sit down restaurants that this plan provides. These meals can be buffets and character dining as well. Come to think of it, many character meals are buffets. And the buffets…. oh my! Wonderful food!

It includes:

1 quick service meal

1 table service meal

2 snacks

per night of resort stay

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

Talk about food, food and more food! If you are a foodie, or want to eat at those restaurants that require 2 table service credits this is the plan for you. We have never used this dining plan. It just seems like a whole lot of food. The girls and I aren’t huge eaters, and may even end up sharing one table service between the two of us, so this just seems like a lot, but I can see how foodies would LOVE it!

It includes:

3 meals

2 snacks

per night of resort stay

Now those 3 meals? They can be used as a quick serve or a table service meal, your choice.

See what I mean about a lot of food?

For Every dining plan:

1 refillable mug for the length of stay to use at the resort.

Each quick service can be exchanged for 3 snack credits. Just make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

For quick serve and for table service option the beverage included with the meal can be alcohol for guest that are over 21.

Tips and gratuities are not included. If you have a party of over 6 they will add it in, but you still have to pay the tip, so make sure you budget that.

Tips to make your dining plan worth while

We do a 4 night stay at the resort, but spend 5 days in the parks. How does that effect our dining plan? The dining plan starts on the first day of your stay and expires at midnight the day you check out. For a 4 night stay, with the Disney Dining plan, you would get –

4 quick serve meals

4 table service meals

8 snacks

You can use them any way you want. You could use them all on the first day if you like or make them last all 5 days. We always are able to get more than enough food. Especially if it is Food and Wine or Flower and Garden.

So I hope that helps when you are deciding if you want to get the dining plan. If you are on the fence, try it out. You may really enjoy it! The dining plan has so many great perks! We love all the great dining options!

Until Next Time have a magical day!

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