Support Etsy Shops! Etsy Disney Haul

Etsy is a popular venue for creators to sell their creations online. Unless you know a lot about websites you get lost easily. Etsy provides the platform for creative people to sell their items. The platform is easy to use and they do bring in some traffic.

Most Etsy sellers are small businesses. Many times they are one-man or woman shows. These are working moms, single parents, those trying to find an outlet for their creative souls.

When you buy from Etsy you are buying from these people. You aren’t buying from large corporations that are just out to make a buck. Actually purchasing from someone who puts their passion into the item that they will be shipping to you is a whole different experience!

It is so close to the Holiday Gift Giving Season. Is there any where better to shop to get that perfect present? I know you won’t find these items at the department stores!

I recently did a video of a Disney Etsy Haul that I did. All of these items are purchased from Etsy Shops! There are so many Disney inspired shops on Etsy! Take a look around and look at all the treasures you will find!

Here are the three shops that are featured in this Etsy Disney Haul!

Enchanted by Gi


Fandoms Fairytales

As always, Have a magical Day!

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