So what is this blogging thing about?

Content Content Content!


If you have been working online for any amount of time, you have heard about the push for content.

No matter how you are making money. If you are selling digital products or physical products, all the gurus tell you “Content is Key”.

So, is that what is content?

And more important where is my content?

Content is just this, a blog. It can also be social media.

No wait, social media?


Mini blog posting on social media has become quite popular. You know the ones. You have to click on the “more” to keep reading.

That is actually content.

How does this help what you are selling?

It puts information out there.

And not information just about your product, but information about you.

People are more likely to buy from a person or company that they feel they can trust. If they get to know you through your content, then that relationship starts to bloom and they feel they can trust you.

Video is also content. I know, who knew right?

Video is one of the most consumed forms of content. People devour a lot of video. Think about it. How many hours have you spent on YouTube, TikTok, IG stories? Video, especially a short form video, is something every content creator should try out.

So now you know what content is. Let’s ask, how is your blogging going?

Do you have a blog?

Or is it like mine?

At the moment, mine is completely unfocused and irrelevant.

Join me on the experiment to change this!

I have spent years, and hundreds of hours learning, but shamefully not a lot of time applying. Now is the time to turn this around.

I am going to take this blog and turn that around.

Hold me accountable, while I take you along for the ride!

As I add “things”, read that as important elements to blogging, I will let you know what I am doing and why.

If I use a product I like I will be sure to recommend it.

Today is just getting started.

My goal is to get back into the hang of blogging again.

Tomorrow stick around while I show you some widgets!

Do you know what a widget is?

Tomorrow you will!

‘Till then!




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