So what do you do on a Sunday?

Today was a busy day in my office. I recorded two YouTube videos and edited them. That is a lot for me!

What do your Sundays include? Do you take time to kick back and relax? Or do you use the weekend for time to catch up on things that normally you don’t have time to get done during the week?

Let’s face it, weekends are meant to relax. Maybe you spend time with family and friends. Maybe you curl up with a good book and just enjoy the quiet.

This is vital time. Most people spend their week working 9 to 5 and many of us don’t take the much needed time during the week to recharge the batteries.

But ya know what? When you work from home, it is even harder to take that much needed down time. You literally don’t get away from the office. Your home is your office.

A great deal of time people think, oh you are always at home. Should that mean that your house is spotless and you sit around watching TV?

Well if you saw my house you would no better. My house is a disaster and I watch YouTube not TV. But I am usually multitasking. It is hard to switch your brain off. You always have that one more quick thing to get done. A few hours later you find yourself still working.

So my advice to you this Sunday? Find that quiet space. If only for a bit, find it. Relax. Take the time to recharge your batteries. Trust me, your brain will appreciate it when you are working on your next project!

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