Reusable utensils in Walt Disney World

So what are reusable utensils and how can they help?

Walt Disney is doing what they can to lessen their carbon footprint. But let’s face it, this place is huge! Even during these times there are so many people! And all these people need to eat and drink.

To be honest in past visits the little plastic utensil dispenser at quick serves has always kinda of been an “ick” point for me.

they do have a new design where only the handle sticks out, but I’m still a bit Leary, ya know?

So what can YOU do?

Here is where my Amazon obsession comes in handy!

Many of us have gotten on board with the reusable straws. Yes, I know, they are a pain in the butt to use. Disney actually uses paper straws, but if you don’t have to, even better.

We found these collapsible reusable straws on Amazon. They even come with a brush to clean them!

Now let’s travel to an Epcot food festival. Do you know how many stops we made? How many things we tried? How many forks and spoons would have been thrown in the trash?

These little cases fit right in my backpack! You know you are the only one to use them. At the end of the day you just wash them clean and ready for your next day of fun!

Reusable Utensils come in different colors too! As a mom with lots of kids, husband, cousins and the like, it’s important that we can tell them apart!  When I get home from this trip I am going to use my circuit and put names on them.

Amazon Link to Reusable Utensils


This was something that was easy to do. It got rid of the ick factor that someone may have touched the silverware you use. It also gets rid of a whole bunch of waste. Not only the silverware you use, but think about the many times you’ve gone to get silverware and there is a whole pile of silverware someone pulled out ahead of you. No one wants to use those!

Bring your own and feel good about it!


    • Judi

      I do feel bad we didn’t get to see you! Getting around that stupid hurricane took way to long! We do have future trips planned, though I won’t mention when, cause if I do that something will happen and I won’t be able to make it lol! But it will be sometime in the next 6 months!

      Try the reusable silverware when you go to Epcot next time and let me know what you think!

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