Returning home after 2 weeks in Florida – A Disney Trip!

We are home after 14 days on a trip to Florida! Now when I travel to Florida it isn’t just a Disney Trip, I also get to visit with my family that now calls Florida their home. None of them are born Floridians, but they have decided to make it their home. And after all who could blame them?

My blog with be full of great tips that we learned these past two weeks in coming months, but here are a 3 highlights of things I learned to make a great Disney Adventure!

#1 Find New Adventures!

After many, many trips to Walt Disney World we got to see and do things we had never done before. I am not talking about Pandora and Toy Story Land (both of which were WONDERFUL!). But there were things we got to see and do, that we never even considered before!


We ate at the Tusker House! Our favorite has always been the Yak and Yeti, so we had never done another sit down in Animal Kingdom before. I booked this because we had never eaten there and it included priority seating for Animal Kingdom’s Evening show. I kind of remembered it was character dining, but that wasn’t high on the priority list. ( My daughters are 22 and 32).

The food was MARVELOUS! There will be a whole post about this! We got to have our pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie and Daisy and Donald, and of course Goofy! It was so much fun!



The thing is, after all our visits we are still finding things to do that we had never done before! There is so much to do and see at Disney that you can’t do it all in one trip, or even six! Always be looking for that new adventure! Then mix them in with old favorites!

#2 It never Hurts to Ask!

If there is something that you would like or need. Ask! The worst thing is they can tell you no. But after having a conversation with a Cast Member, I can tell you they want to help you out, and make your vacation magical! Don’t be rude or demanding, but asking nicely can get you some really special magic!



I had asked when we made our Port Orleans Riverside Resort reservation for the room with the Murphy bed. We had seen it in pictures and this way all three of us would get our own bed. When we got there I also asked for a room close to the food court, because last time we had to hike way across the resort for morning coffee. Which if you know me is no fun at all! They gave us both! We were literal steps away from the food court (and our room was still so quiet!) And we got the Murphy bed!




#3 Relax and Enjoy!

This is your vacation! There are many quiet spots at Disney. I know, you are thinking,  What? Really? Quiet spots at the most magical place on earth, filled with over excited todlers?

But really there are! We used to relax at Hollywood Studios back in a corner that it seemed very few people visited. This year we found The Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom.

Doesn’t matter if it is a lounge, a place people don’t visit, or even your room, take a moment and drink in the atmosphere and the reason you are there!

This trip was so packed with adventures and fun I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Until next time!

Go out there and do something great and have a magical day!


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