Port Orleans Resort – Riverside Review

First things first… We LOVE Port Orleans Resort – Riverside! If you haven’t ever been to this resort, I highly recommend it! But just in case you want details, Here is my Port Orleans Resort – Riverside Review.

This was not our first stay at Port Orleans Resort – Riverside. We had spent one night previously. Can you believe that it was actually less expensive for us to stay at Port Orleans Riverside than any other hotel in Orlando? We came in to do Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween in 2015 and with the military discount they offered we spent the night there. We did get there early and were impressed by the beautiful landscape, but didn’t really get to enjoy the many wonderful amenities.

Why did we choose Riverside over French Quarter? Both are absolutely beautiful, but it is not often rooms at the French Quarter are available with the military discount. So fate stepped in and made that decision for us.

Room Requests

I made a few request about our room before we got there. One was that we saw in the pictures from the photos on the Disney site that some reasons had Murphy beds. Of course we got the standard, we will put it in the requests but we can’t gurarantee it. Since we had only 3 people in our room it wasn’t a need, it was more of a want. When we got to our room we were happy to see that we actually got it! My daughter said it was very comfy as well!

Port Orleans Resort - Riverside Murphy Bed



Location Request

The next request that I put in, I was unable to call ahead and request. We decided we wanted to ask for a room close to the food court after the announcement was made about the opening of Galaxy’s Edge. You know it was then impossible to get on the phone with a person without waiting for hours, so we waited.

We had done the online check-in, but the girls wanted to link their magic bands to their own debit cards so we went to the front desk. There a very nice gentleman came through the line and asked if we had done online check-in, we told him yes, but we had a request and wanted to link different debit cards. He took care of the request right there on his iPad. We still had to go to the desk to link the cards. He told us where our room would be, but not the room number. We got a text message with the room number later.

OK, for this request I was a bit apprehensive. Last year we had stayed at The Art of Animation in a Little Mermaid room. It was quite a hike to the food court or the buses. I did remember that this was a big resort and didn’t want to do that again. That being said I didn’t want the noise level to be out of control being close to the food court.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! It was so quiet! Where our room was felt so secluded as well.

In the below video I am standing in one spot and you can see just how far it is from our room to the door of the food court. We couldn’t have been closer!

What an ideal location! And it was quiet! We were there at various times during the day and there was never a lot of noise. At night it was super quiet. Loved the location of this room! And they put us on the ground floor! Bonus points!

Level of Service

Any time we dealt with any Cast Member they went above and beyond! There were the wonderful Cast Members at the front desk who got us checked in. They didn’t rush us, but treated us like people. The Cast Member chatted with us about our visit. Check in was easy and personable.

We opted out of maid service and received a $30 gift card. This was great. We are pretty good about keeping the room tidy ourselves. We did need extra blankets the first night. She brought blankets, towels and, oh my, a weeks supply of coffee! YES! She had my attention! And it came quickly! How great is that! Since we were there 5 nights, we called on the 3rd night for fresh towels for the next day. Got back to our room and they were on our bed. With more coffee! Ok, I might have asked for more coffee, the point is, they brought plenty for this coffee addicted woman!

Food Options at Port Orleans Resort – Riverside

The food court! Its called Riverside Mill Food Court.


There of course was the Disney standards of make your own salad and pasta, pizza etc. Everything was wonderful! One night we discovered that for a quick serve credit we could get a slice of pizza. But for two quick serves we got a whole pizza and two drinks! There was so much pizza we couldn’t finish it! And it was good pizza!

Port Orleans Resort - Riverside Review Pizza


The bakery? Oh my! Too many snack credits spent there!

Port-Orleans-Resort-Riverside-review-chocolate cake

This was one of the many treats that we took back to our room! Oh My was it delicious!

Now there is a bar and a full service restaurant at Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, but to be honest we were so busy we never got to enjoy either of those, or the pool! We did get to check out the lounge on the last day. The Muddy Rivers Pool bar. Again I was expecting this to be loud. It is right next to the pool and it was Friday afternoon. What a pleasant place to spend time! There was noise, but not overwhelming! Open air seating that was pleasant and not crowded at all!

In Closing

There are tons of other amenities we did not get to check out. While we were enjoying the Muddy Rivers Pool Bar we did discuss how nice it would be to schedule a resort day to enjoy all the wonderful things we missed. Like the pool. There was a campfire where they were roasting marshmallows! They offered horse drawn carriage rides and even fishing! There was so much to see and do there!

We loved the location. The secluded feeling of the location of our room was vacation worthy. We loved how close we felt to everything, but in turn when we went to our room we felt that we were in our own special place.

Would we stay there again?


I hope this helped you out. If you are looking for a moderate resort I would recommend Port Orleans Resort – Riverside. If you have stayed there I would love to hear what you thought!

As always, go out there and do something great!

And have a very magical day!

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