Planning a Disney World Trip in 2021

I know, I know…

Many people are like, It’s a pandemic! How can you go to Disney!

Well for starters I have already been there once since all this started and I felt safer there than I did at Walmart.

For second, well I just need my Disney magic fix.

So if you choose to go to Disney World just do it!

And here are 7 tips that I have for you right now (June 2021) as we plan an October visit.

7 – Be Flexible

I think I always say this, but it is truer now more than ever! Things are changing all the time! And I do mean all the time. Look at the mask mandate, the outdoor mandate went away practically over night. Things are changing and they are changing quickly, so be flexible.

What may be a thing when you book your trip, may not be a thing when you arrive at that magical Disney Property Gate!

6 – Keep Trying

Ya know there is a resort I really, really want to stay at. I mean really. And It does happen to be one that is open at the moment. But many resorts are seeing limited availability. When I called to book it they had it. I was super excited, until hubby’s business made us change our date.

Cue sad music here.

So I changed the date and was able to get another resort, but I still wanted the original. Guess what? Persistence pays off! Just keep checking the website. Keep calling the number. You never know what may pop up. I have the reservation at the resort we wanted!

Well we do if I don’t have to change the date again. See point one in that case!

5 – Be Kind

This will go a long way. When you are planning it is easy to get frustrated. As I said earlier things are changing rapidly. It has actually happened that the person at Disney answering the phone didn’t know about one of the changes. They are working hard to keep up, but remember they are only human. They may have been working when the change was made and just haven’t had a moment to be told about it.

Be patient and be kind. I have never ever had a problem with a reservation or a stay that Disney has not made right. It may take them a moment, but they always come through. They want your stay to be magical. Just give that magic a second to work and have kind words for that person who is trying so hard.

4 – Try New Things

What a great time to try new things! New resorts, new restaurants, new experiences!

Right now some of our favorites are still closed. No fireworks (hopefully for the 4th of July?). Certain resorts are still closed. Certain restaurants are not open, or are not open for the meal we want or with a buffet.

There are still great options out there! Try a new restaurant or resort. Maybe it is something you have always wanted, but never got around to trying. Maybe it is something that hasn’t even been on your radar! You may just find a new favorite!

3 – Expect crowds

I know many people are thinking that with Disney World with a lower capacity it won’t be crowded. I mean 35% of the normal summer crowds seems like a dream right?


Because of Covid it seems our personal bubbles have grown. You know what I mean. You don’t like people you don’t know (oh and some that you do know) getting too close.

Having a person 3 feet from you may now feel like the line where we used to be so happy when we weren’t aware of social distancing.

And keep in mind, just because there are less people in the park, doesn’t mean those less people are all scattered evenly all over. Chances are they all want to see the same things that you want to see, so many time they are all in the same place as you.

It’s just Murphy’s law ya know.

2 – Relax

You are going to Disney to have a vacation! To have fun! Do it! There are no fast passes at this time. So there is no crazy schedule to keep. Well Dining reservations and at Hollywood Studios there is still the issue of getting in the virtual queue for the Star Wars ride, but other than that…

Relax! Enjoy that pool instead of racing to that next park, that may not be ready for park hoping yet.

I was one of those people who had never enjoyed the pool at the resort! Yup, I will admit it. My kids had enjoyed the pools at various resorts, but I had never taken the time to enjoy. This past visit we couldn’t park hop at all. The pool was wonderful!

Since you don’t have a fast pass to be racing off to, maybe check out that lounge or stay a bit longer at the restaurant to really enjoy that meal! You did pay enough for it after all!

My point is, during this time, take time to really relax and enjoy Disney. It is a magical place after all!

1 – Breathe

And this last items is all the other 6 tips wrapped up into one.

Just Breathe.

It’s been a hard 18 months. Everyone has been through a lot. And I will guarantee that everyone that you come in contact with during the planning or during your stay is also looking to enjoy that Disney magic.

So just breathe and take it all in. Remember it’s a vacation. You have been dreaming of it all through Covid. And you deserve it. As does everyone else.

What is it they keep telling us? We are all in this together! So let’ s go have fun together!

Bonus Tip

Keep Safe

While we are no longer in the thick of this whole pandemic thing remember that you still need to wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough and don’t be touching your face so much. If you feel safer wearing a mask, wear a mask. But please don’t criticize those who don’t feel the need to wear one. Be safe and be kind.

But most of all, enjoy the magic!

See ya real soon!


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