Packaging for Etsy Sellers

As I was reading blogs the other day I came across one that talked about Etsy Shipping Stations. It was showing pictures and talking about how important it is to have all your shipping supplies in one place. That is very important, but how you prepare those packages is just, if not more important. How you package your product for shipment is how your customer is going to perceive your business. Packaging for Etsy sellers is another tool in their marketing arsenal.

Packaging for Etsy Sellers

First I want you to reflect on the packages that you have received in the past. I received something I ordered from Amazon before Christmas. I had bought several presents and then some citric acid I needed. Now I LOVE Amazon, so this is in no way a complaint. Everything was just thrown in the box. There wasn’t even their air bubble packaging. You can imagine that by the time the mailman brought it to my door there was citric acid coming out of the cracks of the box. It was in everything in the box. Amazon was great about replacement, and I learned never to order citric acid with anything else. The point is though, it wasn’t a very nice box to open, not to mention the mailman probably wondered what white powdery stuff I was having delivered.

You want your customer to look forward to opening your box. From the moment they receive it from the delivery person, the anticipation grows.

Dress your box up

Dress your box up

Many Etsy shops have custom boxes. They have their logo printed on their boxes. This is such a great way to brand your business. This is an expense many Etsy shop owners don’t want to spend. Many shop owners also use the flat rate boxes and bags, so this may not even be an option. For this make use of what you have.

Stickers with your business logo are nice to add to the outside of the boxes. You can add these to any boxes you purchase. You can even make these on your own printer. If you don’t want to do this you can print on your boxes. Use markers to put your business name. You can also include Thank you for shopping with us! I have even seen boxes that have doodles and artwork all over the box. This makes it look special from the moment that your customer receives it. With your business marked clearly on the box they know right away who it is from and what it contains.

Put in a Personalized Note


Your goal is to make your product look it’s best. That you take pride in your product and how it is packaged. Ensure that when they open the box up the first thing that they see is a note from you. You can take the invoice and write on that if it is all you have. Invest in a small pad of nice note paper in your signature color and just a simple Thank you for shopping with us and then sign your name. This personalized touch will show your customer that you care. That you took time to ensure their new item was packed just for them.

Wrap everything securely

Bubble Wrap in Shipping Box

Chances are your mailing box is going to be larger than what you are mailing. Put in plenty of cushioning. You know that the people you ship through are not going to be as gentle or as thoughtful with the package as you are. You do not want the product damaged. Using bubble wrap on the outer layer is best. Then wrap your product in a layer of tissue paper. Here you can add color if you want. Tissue paper is inexpensive and can be purchased in just about any color of the rainbow.

tissue paper in mailing box

Then wrap your product in a layer of tissue paper. Here you can add color if you want. Tissue paper is inexpensive and can be purchased in just about any color of the rainbow.

Present your product professionally

Packaged Bath Bombs

Place your product in appropriate packaging. Don’t just wrap it in tissue and hope for the best. Below you see an assortment of bath bombs place in a box with more packing material. This box is then wrapped in tissue paper. This gives it another layer of protection but also gives it that “wow” factor. Use what is appropriate for your product. Think ribbon, boxes, decorative filler, whatever will make that customer feel like you take pride in how your product arrives and how it is presented.

packaged bath bombs

Think of your packaging as part of your product. Dress them up and make them look professional and special.

If you have smaller objects that go into mailers the same principles apply. Package them up as you would wrap a gift you are sending to a friend.

A Pinterest Board with Etsy Packaging ideas

Since I only have the items I sell and package, I thought you may enjoy seeing how others package their product. Here is an Etsy board with all sorts of ideas for packaging for Etsy Sellers. Pinterest Board for Packaging for Etsy Sellers.

Always keep in mind what you would like to open as a customer. Remember the experience and try to pass that on to your customers.

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