One thing every Etsy Shop Needs

One thing every Etsy Shop Needs

One thing every Etsy Shop Needs to have is to fill in their about shop settings, especially their story. This is a pretty easy fix.  The thing is, that a lot of Etsy Shop owners don’t take this additional step and fill in this information.

Every Etsy Shop needs to put in their “about shop”  and “story” page. You don’t need to write a book, but you do need to engage your customers or potential customers. Give them additional places to connect with you other than your Etsy Shop.


There are a few good reasons.

5 reasons to fill in your “story” section in your Etsy Shop

  1. It links your website back to your Etsy Shop
  2. You are connecting all of your social media to your Etsy Shop
  3. Telling your story with video and pictures helps your customers connect
  4. Including your tagline helps them associate you on all your platforms.
  5. Helps turn customers into fans.

Want to see exactly what I am talking about? Here is a video describing what you need, an example and how to add the information.

One thing every Etsy Shop Needs


Your Etsy Shop can be a great resource. It puts you out there in front of viewers. Learn to capitalize on that. Connect with your customers, your potential customers, your followers and your fans, by putting in the links to your website, your blog and your social media.

Remember people like to make purchases from people and business they know. Connecting with them on different platforms will help them get to know you.

Judith L Davis

PS Not sure you should have a blog for your creative business? Take a look at Should I blog for my creative business?

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