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As our kids get older, we have a tendency to do Disney differently. What was once a trip filled with rides on the Carousel and Small World along with kid meals, specializing in chicken nuggets, is now a trip with waits for the Tower of Terror and Flights of passage and adult beverages. Along with these new adventures, we adults sometimes like to find quiet little places. Some place to sit out of the noise and activities. On our most recent visit I was pleased to find The Nomad Lounge in the Animal Kingdom.

Where is the Nomad Lounge?

I must have walked by The Nomad Lounge in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom every single visit. I just never noticed it, until we actively looked for it.

It shares a kitchen with Tiffins Restaurant. For Tiffins a reservation is strongly recommended, but at The Nomad Lounge it is first come. So if you find a table you’re in luck!

To find your way you just take a left after you have entered Animal Kingdom. Just like you are going to Pandora. You will find it on your right. Tiffins Restaurant is on the right and Nomad Lounge is on the left.


What do they serve?

We tried several different dishes and drinks here, and enjoyed every single one!

The Nomad Lounge Walt Disney World

Many of the lounges at Walt Disney World serve from the adjoining restaurant’s menu. The Nomad Lounge has it’s own menu of speciality drinks and limited delicious items. We did not even ask for the Tiffins menu. From what I have read online it really depends on different factors if you can order from that menu.

We enjoyed the chicken satay and the tuna poke bowl. And yes, the fries were wonderful as well!

I did have a really hard time deciding what speciality drink I wanted to try. They do make them all look so very appealing! I finally settled on the Leaping Lizard.

The Nomad Lounge Walt Disney World

The art work in their menus is pretty cool.

The Nomad Lounge Walt Disney World

You can find their full menu at

The Atmosphere

But over all what was the nicest about the Nomad Lounge was the location and the atmosphere.

The Nomad Lounge Walt Disney World
This is the view. This was actually from the table where we sat out on the wrap around porch. That is the entrance to Pandora. But it has none of the hustle and crowds. It is quiet and laid back. It was easy to just sit and relax for a few minutes, or an hour.

So many times when you vacation at Walt Disney World, it is all about how much you can fit into a day. It seems that we go from one attraction to another. The only time you really get to take a break and slow down is waiting in line. And at Disney you do wait in a lot of lines!

Sitting on the veranda at The Nomad Lounge was such a pleasant, relaxing experience. It really made me rethink how we do Animal Kingdom, and Walt Disney World in general.

Now this is a lounge. They do serve adult beverages. That being said there were quite a few families with small children enjoying The Nomad Lounge as well. I think sometimes we forget that kids need a bit of down time as well.

The Nomad Lounge was definitely a hit with me. It can also be safely said that my two daughters, age 22 and 32, also really enjoyed it. The quiet, the food and the drinks, oh and did I mention the comfy cushioned chairs? All made it a great mid-day stop.

Would I go back?


Have you visited The Nomad Lounge? What did you think? ┬áIf you haven’t will it be on your next trip itinerary?

Would love to know what you think!

Until next time, have a magical day!



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