New Directions

Ya know, somedays it just is.

This domain is the domain I have owned the longest. Makes sense huh? Cause it’s my name and all. But regardless.

Over the years I have bought domains and started blogs. They dealt with niches and business ideas and things that interested me.

And to be honest? It frustrated me. Too many balls to keep in the air and keep up with. Too many passwords to keep up with. Too many ideas to try to sort into categories and cubbies. So what happens when a person gets frustrated? Usually things just don’t get done!

Add purple hair and that would be me!

I was watching a YouTube video (I am addicted lately). It was from The Tim Tracker. Check them out if you are a Disney/Universal fan. Anyways… They were doing one of those Q&A videos. One of the questions had to deal with how to start a YouTube channel or something like that. He gave some advice that was like a brick to my thick skull!

He said just to do what you like and lots of it. Someone out there will like what you do and follow you. I am paraphrasing that, but you get it.

All these years I had been told to niche down. Don’t make my goals and my audience too wide. If you shoot to include everyone then you will get no one.

Well screw that advice. I am going to follow Tim’s advice.

So that leaves us with what?

What will you find here?

Disney Stuff.

Work at Home stuff.

Etsy Stuff.

Natural Stuff.

Crafting Stuff.

Ohhh I almost forgot cooking and baking stuff.

Basically Stuff that Judi likes. After all it is my blog and my YouTube channel.

I have a lot of “stuff” crammed in my head. Stuff I would like to share with the world, without trying to figure out where it should go.

So here we are.


Look around.

Have fun.

Have a laugh.

Learn something.

Teach something.

But the theme here from now on will be….


Love and Light and Laughter





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