Magic At Your Door One Time Only unboxing

I have to admit, I love, love, love subscription boxes! And this one from Magic At Your Door is no exception! It’s a Disney Subscription box! I started my subscription service with a one time only box that my wonderful hubby bought me as a combination gift for my birthday and our 23 Wedding Anniversary.

Maybe it is the wonder of, “what will I get?” It could be just the fact that you are getting a little bit of Disney magic at your door every month. This subscription service is all stuff that is right from the Disney Theme Parks. I have had a few different Disney Subscription boxes and one time only boxes, and I have to say that Magic At Your Door is off to a wonderful start.

Now this was a one time only box, which cost more than the regular subscription box. You also get more “stuff”. This box was $199 which included shipping. A normal subscription box is $89.99 which also includes shipping. It is a nice box to celebrate a special occasion, ie birthday or anniversary, or in my case both.

So this box took awhile to arrive at my door. Mike, the magical curator at Magic At Your Door, let me know what was happening. It must be a wonderful business problem to be behind because of too many orders! But I want to let you know the box was totally worth the wait! I was excited that the mailman arrived with it on Friday when the website said it wasn’t scheduled to be delivered until Monday.

So what was in this box? Let me show you some pictures of the wonderful items that were included.

Now I didn’t go into this on the video, but I will here on the blog. This box cost my dear hubby $199. I know one of my thoughts and probably many of you is, “what is the cost of the items in the box?”

We always want to know if the box is worth what we spend on it. I did total up what the items were worth retail. The total came to $220. That is before the shipping comes out. So in the end I truly think that it was worth what he paid.

Second question is, “Are the items what you like?”

I loved each and every item. Magic At Your Door allows you to customize your box, in the fact you can fill out a very in-depth survey to your likes and dislikes. And Magic At Your Door follows that list to a T! A few of these items nearly even brought me to tears!

Over all I am thrilled with this box. I can’t wait for the subscription service to start the end of the month.

Are you curious to see the actual unboxing? It is up on my YouTube Channel. You can watch it below.

Would love to hear if you have tried Magic At Your Door or are wanting to try it out. Leave a comment below!

And as always have a Magical Day!

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