Is blogging a scam?

I see this title a lot. I get messages in my inbox with this as the subject line. I see articles listed in my Facebook feed with this title. So what is the deal with this? Is it click bait? Is it just a way to get someone interested in blogging? Is it to discourage potential bloggers?

What is the deal?

Well here are my thoughts on the matter. ‘Cause I just know you are dying to know, aren’t you?

Blogging is old, as far as the internet goes it is. Blogging has been around for 10 or more years. I know that isn’t old compared to a bottle of wine, but when you think that the internet was “invented” in 1983 with the World Wide Web being established in 1990. I have 2 kids older than the WWW! Blogging came along in 1994. That was 24 years ago out of a total of about 35 years that is about two-thirds of the life of the internet. That is old!

OK, so blogging came about as just a way to journal online. Many weren’t even public in the beginning. And if they were public not many people saw what was considered your “blog” or person weblog. It was just a way to put out there your interest and passions for life. Some people used it as a real “diary”. I know you are thinking teenage girl, aren’t you?  Some were even password protected! Imagine that!

The thing is there was this new idea to get your thoughts and ideas out there to this huge audience! You could write about anything, post it, and if you were lucky people would come read it and make comments on it. You could become an online influencer.

Some Marketer’s Brilliant Idea

Then along came the wild idea to monetize weblogs. I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was, but you have to admit it was pretty brilliant!

An advertiser wanted to get cheap marketing for their new product. They found bloggers who were blogging on similar topics and offered them money to put an ad up on their site or post a sponsored entry. Both sides were happy. The marketer had a pretty targeted audience and the blogger was making money

So how has this basic concept turned into a scam?

Here is where we now diverge into my opinion

I have blogged in various form for way over 10 years, probably closer to 20 if the truth is known. I have made a bit of money from my blogs over the years, but not a whole lot. I am a writer and I enjoy blogging about my interest and my passions. Would I like to make money? Sure? But I don’t, so I just keep blogging.

People are so interested in the get rich quick theory that many people buy anything that they think will get them to that point. We have all heard the stories about the bloggers that make their fortune, and people buy into the theory that they can do it too.

So they buy the latest programs for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They have catchy titles like “quit your day job, start making money blogging”. There are thousands of these programs out there. I am not exaggerating, there are thousands! People charge others to teach them how to make money blogging.

Is this a scam?

It can be, yes, but is it? No, not really and here is the catch.

Blogging is work.

Blogging is hard work.

You have to research the blog topics. You have to write the blog. You have to promote the blog. You have to continue to promote the blog.

And then, you have to do it all over again. Sometimes several times a week.

Blogs take time. Unless you are like one in a million, blogs do not become overnight successes. They take time.

If you apply all that these courses have to teach you then yes, you can make money. You can make good money.

Will you?

The truth is

Most people give up on their blogs before they give it the time and the dedication it needs to succeed. There are so many factors that are figured into the success of a blog.

So the question still remains, Is blogging a scam?

I say no, but that comes with a caveat.

Don’t go into blogging with the expectation that in 30 days you are going to be making enough money to quit your day job.

Do it for the fun of it. Blog about topics that you enjoy, not about topics that you think will make you money.

If you pour your passion into it and if you practice consistency and a bunch of other good blog practices, someday you may be that blog influencer.

To Recap

So I guess what I am saying is go into with attitude and passion. Do what you love and the success you cultivate will follow.

I hope that makes sense. Many times what I write only makes sense to me, but I am still here writing about what I love. To me, that is a whole new type of success!








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