I’m Tired

I am tired. Just tired.

For all of you out there that has screamed for years, stop watching Fox News and watch a reliable news station.

Well, I haven’t been happy with Fox for months now, especially the local Fox affiliate. Now, as the majority flocks away from them, it seems their time has come. 

But that isn’t why I am tired. I have been watching FoxNews, CNN and MSNBC all of them. I even saw a post on one of them telling me about grieving when your candidate loses.

Where was all this when Clinton lost? When there were protest and riots? When people were wearing safety pins? 

Where was all this “accept and move on” when the left impeached President Trump?

One thing I absolutely hate is being treated like I am stupid. Another thing I hate is when I am told to shut up, sit down and move on.

OK, let me tell you a few things about me. First off on this Veteran’s Day of 2020 I am a Veteran. I am married to a veteran and a momma to two Veterans. 

I am well educated. I have an Undergrad in English and a graduate degree in Project Management. I graduated with honors, just in case you think I skated through my degree programs. And in case you want to say that I am unduly influenced by my husband? He is also a well-educated man. He holds a job that is very specialized. He also has a Master’s Degree in some health care field. Sorry, I don’t recall which one at the moment. 

That being out of the way. I am tired! For 5 years, probably more, I have been treated like I am stupid because I am a conservative. 

Don’t I respect the rights of the LGBT community? Don’t I get that woman’s rights are at stake?



I don’t give a fig who you sleep with. It could be a green, one-eyed alien and I could care less! That has nothing to do with what I believe or how I feel. You get all the same rights as everyone else. Don’t act like a three year old that thinks they are special. You are just like all the rest of us. 

And women’s rights? When did they ever say that your health care was at risk? Your choice is to be a responsible adult! Don’t make those who had no say in the matter to suffer. Make a choice not to have sex. And if the choice wasn’t yours, well then, don’t wait until the third trimester. The exception to this is rare and few between. I simply won’t debate it.

Otherwise, women have good health care. They have choices. Unfortunately, they don’t make wise choices all the time. Don’t punish the rest of us for those bad decisions. 

Buckle up and take responsibility for your own actions!

Which leads me down a whole different road, I won’t enter here. But I am a strong proponent of RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT.

But let’s talk about respect. I was raised to respect those that were above me. My parents, my grandparents, my elders, my paster, oh, and yes, My President.

No matter if I voted for them or not, they deserved my respect.

I spent several years in the military. And regardless if I liked those in command over me, I knew I had to respect them. Maybe not so much them, but the rank they wore. 

End of story.

The display of the democrats these past 4 years has forever lost the chance I would back them in anything. They have shown disrespect at every turn. 

What happened to “Lead by example”? 

Nancy Pelosi ripping up the speech? I respect her office, but I sure as hell think she personally is on a power trip. 

What a great example to hold up to my kids, note sarcasm in that statement.

And now, let’s get to the situation at hand.

Four years ago the Democrats of this country were having a meltdown. Just look in your stories, you will see them.

And now they want us to shut up, accept and move on. 

I am tired. Just tired. 

Conservative Republicans are not protesting in the streets. They are not screaming in anguish. They are saying we want the courts to take a look.

Don’t tell me it’s fake news. That there is no evidence. 

For starters, get your head out of CNN and MSNBC and yes, even FoxNews. 

Look around you at the evidence.

Look at the numbers!

Stop being sheep people. 

If you are right and Biden got all those votes, why are you so scared of it being looked into? Would the outcome not be that your man won? Does it take anything away from you?

Does it not make him the legitimate President-elect?

Take a word from the wise and a party that has been there?

If you don’t let this go through. And keep telling us we are stupid, uneducated, deplorable, then be prepared to have your candidate be called an illegally elected president. 

Be prepared to hear for the next 4 years, he isn’t my president.

Be prepared to have him called a vote stealer and ballot stuffer.

So now I want you all to just let the process play out.

We live in a modern world. We have plenty of time to let this conclude by January 20, 2021.

Geez, I am just tired.

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