ideas and thoughts wanting OUT


You know I have a ton of ideas screaming inside my head. Not voices, I am not crazy. You may debate that amongst yourselves later.

But ideas.



Stuff that just is wanting out of my head and down on paper. No wait, I live in 2020, I mean they want out and onto the screen.

Does everyone have this problem?

Anyways. I have to ask myself, are the ideas that I have sustainable?

I guess they have been stewing in there for about 12 years.

I wasn’t happy in that election, or the one after. I was pretty disgusted after the last presidential election with the reaction of the side that lost.

And the last race for senator, I was accosted by a Beto supporter.

OK, I might of had that one coming for my smart ass reply. I think I might have said I voted for the winner, not Beto. Who in their right mind would think they could win in Texas by saying they were going to take the guns? To me that just qualified him for the looney bin. I mean really, this is Texas!

OK, but I am have been side tracked.

I have tons of ideas. And for some time I have wanted to write about it.

Pretty sure that no one wanted to read it.

Was even more unsure that I had enough ideas stored away to write about it.


I have had other blog failures.

You run out of ideas.

Worse yet you run out of enthusiasm.

This happens when no one reads, comments or shares your blog.

So why am I taking this pretty plain Jane blog and ranting?

I don’t know.

I mean it, I really don’t know.

I am just tired of being told to suck it up. We all know who wants us to do that. I won’t grace her with a link or a mention. But I will suck it up, when she shows she did when she lost.

I am tired of there being so many opinions being shared as the gold standard, that are liberal ideas.

Am I hanging out in the wrong places?


I am looking for strong conservative minded women. Women that are concerned with our countries future. Who don’t want a global economy. But are under the impression, we can’t take care of others, until we take care of ourselves.

And by helping people, that doesn’t mean giving them handouts. It means help them. Giving people things for free does not help them, it makes them dependent. Let’s raise up our fellow Americans, instead of making them dependent on other’s goodwill.

So where am I going with all this?

I am going to continue to rant on my blog for a bit.

I have a ton of topics just fighting for space.

I think at this time these thoughts just need to get out.

Will I run out of ideas? I don’t think so.

Will I run out of enthusiasm? Maybe, that depends on if people read my blog. If I get feedback.

But then again, maybe not. I have only so many ideas that need out.

Time will tell.

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