I need to stop watching the news

I need to stop watching the news.


Because stupidity just makes me … frustrated? Angry? Discouraged?

A curfew?

Mask Mandates?

Limited number of people in private homes?

Really people?

As all the liberals keep screaming, Follow the Science!

But that isn’t what irks me the most.

So, let’s go back to having another platform. MeWe and Parler. I think this time it was they were attacking Parler.

So why is there Parler?

Let’s start there.

Parler has come to be because people do not like being censored. It’s not that they don’t want to listen to the opposing side. I think that most people are very open to it. The thing is, the conservative side was not being heard. So, while the curator was saying we have curated feeds and only heard our own opinion being repeated, he was wrong!


Because so many things keep being censored! Things that were actually happening, peaceful protest my *ss. But this was censored as untrue. I have seen the pictures! I have heard that people that have been there. It was not peaceful people.


But those complaining about different platforms are content with only hearing what big tech wants them to hear. What lobbyists want them to see. And we won’t even mention the politicians.

My news may be slanted to my preferences, but at least it is not censored by the news media, which is definitely slanted, or big tech. Both of which want power, and dare I say it MONEY?

So let’s get back to the point.

New social media platforms are a good thing! The biggies ie Twitter and Facebook have needed competition for a while now.

Competition is a good thing.

But viewing it as slanted.

Come on, man!

And then the piece de resistance…

When the late-night news said, most republicans that have flocked to Parler still think President Trump won the election.
OK, that almost made me spit my coffee out. But I think that would have been a waste of good coffee.

We may believe that President Trump won. We also believe it was a dirty election, and Biden will walk away with the prize.

Anyone, to include Professors of Statistics and Probability agree, there was no way Biden won without cheating. And cheat they did.

While we have come to grips with Biden being our next president, we know he didn’t get there without a lot of sketchy help.

And no, I am not going to argue with you.

I have seen numerous studies, by said experts. You all who want to argue haven’t seen these?


They get censored off Facebook, Twitter and will not show up on CNN or MSNBC or any place else.

It’s not the picture they want to portray of their “duly elected president” to be Biden.

For four years we have listened to you all whine and complain. You have your noses buried in CNN while they complain and waste millions of dollars to impeach a President. To investigate Russian interference where there was none. While there is obvious interference now that you just say was a man who lived in the basement winning. I am just ….. SMH

You all can “suck it up” now.

We aren’t protesting in the streets and burning things down, that is what you all did when Hilary lost.

No, we have gone back to work. Hoping that the court cases will find justice and act on it.

If not, we will still be working and living our lives. Not screaming and crying and wearing safety pins.

We will on the other hand make sure that the cheating does not resume the next election.

We will hope that Karma comes around and teaches some very valuable lessons.

Of course, those lessons will be blamed on Trump. It couldn’t possibly be the Dems fault.

Ya know, I taught my children to take responsibility. I taught them to fight for what they think is right. These lessons have not been duly shared.

People who only want to blame others when they don’t get their way, to me, are spoiled rotten children who need a hard lesson.

So you say we are blaming others for President Trump’s loss? Look at the numbers? They don’t add up.

I know, the numbers on the news media do.

Quit believing what you are fed and actually do a bit of research.

And remember, there is always, ALWAYS, another side to the story. Your truth is not others. History has come to show, you may just be wrong.

I know, I know, hard to believe.

If you are wrong? Don’t act like a spoiled child and throw the game board. Act like a grown-up and keep going. Play a better game next time, and don’t cheat!

Maybe, just maybe, get the facts from both sides! Oh I know, novel concept huh?

And don’t even get me started on face masks.

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