how to not make a successful blog

I have been blogging way longer than I want to admit. 14 years ago I discovered blogging. I’ve had a website even longer. Thats a long time!

So if I have been blogging that long, why aren’t I successful?

I ask myself that. I ask myself that a lot!

My blog has had many different addresses. It has had many different personalities. You may even think that at times it has had a split personality. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

How to NOT make a successful Blog

The thing about how to make a blog unsuccessful #1 is…

inconsistency. Now, the new theory is if you post once a week that is good. When I started it was a hard and fast rule to post every day, or at least 3 times a week. I guess my once every 6 months or so is a bit off. Well…  I have even gone a year or so without blogging.

No mater what your blogging style find a schedule and stick to it. Have some sort of consistency. It really does help, or so I hear.

The #2 thing about making an unsuccessful blog is…

convincing yourself you have nothing to blog about that people want to read. Trust me on this one, I struggle with it. I struggle with it on a more constant basis than I blog!

You have a great idea for a blog post, but when you sit down and start to write, you think to yourself, “who is going to want to read about *fill in the blank*?

Get over it. Really!

Do you know how many blogs I have read about stuff I wasn’t interested in, but I still found fascinating? Your opinion and your knowledge is valuable! Who knows, what you put out there is just what a person is looking for! Really! If you don’t put it out there, they may never have their answers!

Being afraid to offend someone is #3 way to make a blog unsuccessful.

We are living in a society that is so very afraid to someone. Really? I mean really???

Part of what makes us unique is that we are all different. We all have different ideas, different thoughts, different ways to do something. Don’t be afraid you will offend someone.

Ya know the example that pops into my mind? I have a great recipe for a dish, but it has ham. If I was afraid I would offend vegetarians it would never see the light of day. Oh and those we love that won’t eat anything with ham ’cause her favorite animals are pigs.

So after all the “how to make a blog unsuccessful”, what are my tips on how to make a blog successful?

#1 Be Yourself!

Don’t be afraid of who you will offend. People who read blogs most want authenticity. They want to feel like they are friends with the author. Let your inner self show through. In my case that is the inner geeky nerd. Be proud of it and claim it!

#2 Don’t be afraid

You are going to offend someone at sometime. It’s just going to happen. Blog about what makes you happy. If I want to blog about the 5th time I went to Disney this year, I am going to have haters. I don’t understand why, but I know it is going to happen. I just have to take the good with the bad and move on!

#3 Keep blogging!

That whole consistency thing? Keep to it. If you really want to blog, make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Let your readers know you are there for them and will keep posting!

And with that I am off. Be sure to follow me on social media! oh and did you know I have a YouTube Channel? Oh Yeah! Follow the link in the social media and leave a comment so I know you were there!

And last but not least, leave a comment here! A reason people give up on blogging is that no one ever comments on their content. Let’s face it, blogging is a bit self-serving venue. It is all about getting that like, getting that comment! So say hi! If you blog what is your biggest hurdle?

Until next time! Have a magical day!



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