How to make money blogging for creatives

This is a topic I see over and over again. I actually love watching the YouTube videos that feature people doing income reports on how much money they have made blogging that month. It blows me away! Trust me when I say I will be making one of those videos in the future! So let’s tackle the topic, How to make money blogging for creatives.

How to make money blogging for creatives

As it stands right now I am just relaunching this blog and just starting to vlog, so I am not even close to making any money with my blog. I am in the research stage. And let me tell you, I have learned a lot of interesting things about making money blogging.

Now my blog is focused on teaching creatives how to make money online. I have spent years trying to accomplish this in so many different ways. I have sold my soap on my website. I have sold my soap on Etsy. I have worked as a freelance writer. I have worked as a VA (virtual assistant). I have gotten hired on UpWorks. I have worked taking incoming phone calls (for some really big companies, that I know that you know). So you can say if there was a way to make money online I have probably tried it.

But I always come around back to blogging. I love to write. I love to create. I love to write about creating. This blog has been around in some form of existence since 2005. Back then people were just blogging about daily happens and what they had for dinner. Sound like Facebook much? I don’t think at that time that blogging for a business was even considered, much less taken seriously. Now it is a serious thing.

So I relaunch my blog about something I am passionate about, teaching creatives to be successful online. Then I start researching how to make this the best blog ever. That is what we all want with our blogs right? Many of us judge just how good a blog is by how much money it makes. That being said, if you start your blog with the only intention to make money, and make money quickly, you are going to be sadly disappointed. Your blog should first be about something that you are passionate about, the making of money is something that comes along second.

So, what did I learn with all my research on how to make money blogging?

What I have learned is that the blogs with the most views, which makes them the best able to make money from their blogs, are those that are teaching. Ironically most of them are teaching on how to make money with their blogs. Sounds curious, doesn’t it? Yes, these people are those that have the income reports to back up that they do make money, or at least the majority say that they do, a few even show it.

Most that are making money have their own products to sell. See? Now that was a topic that I could relate to with creatives! Creatives have products to sell!  And yes, there are some who make a great deal of money with their blogs selling their products, but… you knew there was a catch right?

Most blogs make money selling digital products.


How to make money blogging for Creatives?

That now has creative people scratching their heads. They don’t have digital, they are selling physical products, so how can they make money from their blogs?

I mentioned in another blog post about diversifying. You can add products and services to make money. With your blog, a great way to do that is by offering digital products or by teaching others to do what you do!

Many times this is a one and done project that you can sell repeatedly.

Write an e-book about your craft

There are lots of people out there that would love to know more about what you do. Take a look in the arts and crafts section of any bookstore, online or brick and mortar, and you will see a wide variety of books on every sort of a topic of crafting there is. People are still clamoring for more, especially if you are in a specialty.

E-books can be very lucrative. You aren’t paying to have a book printed. All you are doing is writing the book, putting into PDF format and offering it as a download for your customers to purchase. If you write a more in-depth you can go for the self-publish route. You can opt to take your book to craft fairs to sell as well as offering it online to download. Amazon will also sell published books.

The point is for as little time as it may take for you to write a book, you have a product that you can sell over and over for years to come.

Teach other’s how to do your craft

There are so many ways that you can teach. You can sell a published course in PDF format. Many online entrepreneurs do this. As a creator, my suggestion would be to include lots of step-by-step photos. This is how many crafters sell patterns or recipes for their creations.

There are also online resources where you can actually teach classes that your students can enroll. Udemy and Teachable are great examples. Here you can break it down into lessons with videos and PDFs your students can learn from you. For the Teachable option, there is a monthly fee, but if you have enough students this could be an option.

Sell your product

Your first reason to start a blog is to promote your product. Make sure you aren’t forgetting this option. Feature your wonderful products. Place a widget for Etsy in your sidebar. Make sure there are links to your products for sale whenever and wherever it is appropriate.


Blogs are a wonderful way to make money, but like Etsy and other options for selling your physical product, do not count on an overnight success. You have to work at it. Once you make it though, it is easier to sustain.

My 5 tips for how to make money blogging for creatives is:

  1. Blog what you are passionate about. Your topic should be one you know well.
  2. Create your own digital product to sell, An e-book or a teaching course, be creative!
  3. Always feature your physical product front and center. That is why you are blogging to begin with, isn’t it?
  4. Keep blogging and great content so people will come to see you are an expert and trust you.
  5. Don’t give up! Success isn’t instant and only those that are consistent and keep blogging are the ones that make it.


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