How to get military discounted tickets for Walt Disney World

Last week sometime, I shared with you the prices for 2019 that Disney is offering the military for 4 and 5 day Park Hopper Tickets. Your next question may be how do I get these discounted tickets?

If you are on a military installation it is fairly easy. Just go into your Ticket Office and purchase them.

If, like us, you are retired, and don’t live near a military installation, it gets a bit tricky, but totally doable!

Shades of Green

Shades of Green will let you purchase tickets and then send them to you. I am not sure of the details of exactly how this works, I just know that it does. I have called Shades of Green on numerous occasions and can tell you their staff is very helpful and knowledgable!

Check out Shades of Green for ticket cost and their phone Number at

Shades of Green tickets and attractions

Patrick AFB, FL

Here you can call in your order and pay for the tickets and they will send them too you. You can also do it by email. Just follow the link that says “order by phone”

Patrick AFB

Camp Pendleton, CA

Here you can purchase your ticket over the phone and they will send it to you via FedEx. There is a $10 charge to have it sent to you.

They also have a link to all the tickets that they offer and the prices. Just follow the links for the phone number and prices.

Camp Pendleton

Getting vouchers can be pretty easy, just make sure you give them plenty of time to get you your tickets before your 60 day window for fast passes.

You can check out the YouTube video for this information as well.


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