Finding my voice

For a long time I think I have been, as well as many others who believe similar to me, quiet.

I really don’t like confrontation.

But when I get backed into a corner, please don’t underestimate me.

That being said, I have been quiet.

I don’t post stuff on my Facebook, not because I don’t want to offend someone, but rather because I don’t want to listen to them argue about just how wrong I am.

My feelings are justified. I have facts to back me up. So why should I be concerned with others?

Unfortunately those on the other side of the argument like to spout nasties when their ideals are threatened.

Now, please let me say this. This is my family and my friends. I am hopeful it is only my screwed up list of friends and family on Facebook that seem to deal with life this way. I am hopeful that there are people out there that can have polite conversations, without sinking to the, “I am right about everything and you’re stupid” conversation.

Let’s start this way.

Every single argument out there has two sides. Two sides that can be backed up with facts and studies. I guarantee it.

Studies are much like history books. They are written, or researched, by those trying to persuade us.

Take mask wearing for instant. For every one of the studies that say mask wearing will knock this virus out, there are other studies that say that they won’t.

Just accept to disagree and move on.

Just move on.

So what if someone wants to put it on their FB feed. That is their right. It is not an invitation for you to argue with them. It is not time for you to call them an uneducated deplorable. (<–  I love that title) It is their opinion and they are just expressing how they feel.

For way to long people have been quiet. Not everyone, but many. They figure they have better things to do. Like go to work and earn a living to pay the ghastly high taxes to support the causes that they don’t agree with. Yet still they work hard and just let the others hash it out. They have lives and it’s ok. They figure it will all come out in the wash so to say.

Let’s put it this way, I am tired of being quiet. I have found my voice.

I was told that ranting isn’t good.

Well it’s not like I am getting in your face and screaming at you. We have all seen that on the news. Well, wait, not everyone has, ’cause CNN doesn’t show that side of the arguement.

This is my blog and I go off. No one interrupts me. I can go on as long as I can type, so I call it a rant. That may not be accurate.

What I am calling a rant, is really me finding my voice.

I am finding my right to speak up about things that bug me.

Writing about things that don’t add up in my mind. Things that I just can’t mathematically see.

And again I am told to just be quiet, I think the words were to suck it up.

Those of us who have been quiet are tired of sucking it up. We have sucked it up for way too long.

We sucked it up for 8 long years where our president diminished the United States and went on his apology tour. He wanted the US to not be great, but to push his agenda.  That is what really sucked.

But we took it, thinking to ourselves that we would get someone in the White House who would have a spine and know how it should be done.

Then we sucked it up for 4 years while you all whined and cried that it was an unfair election. That there was Russian interference. We watched in wonder as you impeached our president, duly elected by those who did not see the US and the World as you do. Just because you were acting like a spoiled child who didn’t get their way.

Well, now it is time for you to suck it up.

We have heard you complain every inch of the way. So while we ask our questions and let our voices be heard, maybe you should take your own advice.

We want our voices heard.

We want you to listen for once.

Even if you don’t like it, because we gave you that curtesy.

I have found my voice. And while there may be moments that I am quiet, it will not be for long.

It is time that everyone voiced what they like, without the fear of offending those on the opposite side.

Time to work with those across the aisle instead of, and I say it again, acting like a 3 year old and ripping up things. How immature is that? My kid would of been in time out, just saying.

So while I have found my voice, I won’t argue with you.

What tires me out more than anything else is the constant arguing.

We need to just stop.

In no universe is anyone going to see the same thing the same way.

Accept it, find a way to live peacefully instead of wanting to rip things down.

End of today’s rants.

Pushing soap box aside. I really should find a permanent place for that thing.

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