Face Masks

Hi Everyone!

During this chaotic time I have put some of my skills and my massive stash of fabric to good use. I have been making Face Masks.

Face Mask

You may ask me why? Well, it makes me feel in some small way that I am helping out. I know right now a lot of people are scared and don’t know what to expect.

This, in some small way, is my effort to help people feel a bit safer.

Now let me be perfectly honest. These are not medical grade. They are 2 layers of cotton and 1 non-woven layer of interface.

What does this mean?

It means that it will keep large particles out. It may keep some pesky bad ones out, but more than likely it won’t keep the virus out if you are around the live virus. These are not for medical personal by no means.

They are however for you if you are out in public. They are an added layer of protection. Just like washing your hands and not touching your face will help you stay healthy? These masks will as well. They are a huge help in not touching your face. They are a constant reminder that you need to be vigilant when you are out in public.

Oh and an added bonus I have found? My allergies are not as bad when I am wearing one of these masks! They do block a lot of things from getting to your mouth and nose!

Now since the CDC has recommended that you wear something over your face while in public I have been getting a lot of request for these.

I will be honest I have been giving them away, But many people are asking me how much I want for them. I went on Etsy to see how much people are charging and was blown away! Anywhere for $8 to $20! OH MY!  I do not want to charge people and make money off their fears. I want anyone who wants a mask to have one.

These mask are using material from my stash. Elastic and interfacing is getting harder to find. I would say that typically I am spending on supplies and my time about $5 a mask. Then there is shipping, which varies on how many masks and how I am shipping it. It could be anywhere from $1 to $9.

I will however start taking donations. This will cover any supplies that I need to order and shipping for those that I send out.

Again, as long as I have material and the money to send out masks, I won’t turn down anyone who wants one.

So with that being said, I am taking donations through PayPal. I use Paypal for supplies and postage, so that is the easiest route for me.

My PayPalMe account can be found at paypal.me/judithldavis 

and if you need a mask, or if you would like to request a mask be sent to someone else you can leave a comment or email me at judithldavis@gmail.com


If I can do this little bit to make anyone else out there safer and to feel better I will do my best!

Stay healthy! Wash your hands! Stay home if you can! and Stay Safe!