Do you journal?


I know that somewhere along the line in grade school you were asked to create a journal. I know that I was.

But it was long before then that I had a “diary”. You know the one. It had some cute characters on it. You could lock it with a key you kept hidden from your brother. You felt all safe and cozy cause you could write anything in there and prying eyes would never see it.

Did we not realize that lock had to be where lock pics got their first training? That thing sprung open when you looked at it sideways, I mean really!

Well anyways.

Some days I wish I had that diary to look through. I though am a firm believer that we burn the evidence and always burnt my diaries in Dad’s burn barrel when they were full. Yes, I did that.

But it has made me what I am today and that is a planner girl.

What is the difference between a planner and a diary?


let me think a sec…

Not a whole lot I guess.

In my planner, I have all my appointments.

I keep all my ideas for stuff I want to make and put them in my Etsy Shop.

I have a section this year for all the new recipes I try, ’cause I am tired of losing the ones that work out.

I put in a lot of stickers.

I do mean a lot of stickers.

I keep what is called in the journalling world a weekly spread. Keeps me on track for that week. What needs to get done.

I do a weekly menu and then I can see what groceries I need to buy.

Did I listen to a cool podcast or see a cool YouTube? I write it down so I won’t forget.

I put in all sorts of lists. Lists of things I need to do. Things that I need to have for projects. Things I want to see. Things I want to sell.

All in all, it is like my brain on paper.

I did a video yesterday that shows what my journal looks like. I use what they call a traveler’s notebook.

It fits in my purse along with my bag of pens.

On a recent trip, hubby saw all my pens and was like, “think you have enough?”

I told him I needed all the colors, just in case!

But back to my traveler’s notebook.

It has different removable sections. I really like this feature.

I get bored I change it out. It gets filled up, I change it out.

I am not stuck for a whole year in one static design. It is my own.

Interested in a Traveler’s Notebook? Take a look at my video

Now I made this cover. I made a couple of the inserts.

The question is this, should I make videos on how I did that?

Maybe Next week I will do a video on my weekly spread. I do show one on the video, but don’t go into detail on how I get there.

What do you think?

And yes, I still do journalling in there, not just about my schedule and list.

As an adult, though I do find it is a lot more about food than when I was a kid. Guess our priorities change!

Take a look at the video and let me know if you are a journal keeper! Give it a thumbs up and subscribe if ya think it’s worthy too.

Till next time!




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