Do you ask for your Military Discount?

Living in or near Military City USA had it’s advantages. Many places give you a military discount. I have even used my debit card (a military bank) and people have asked me if I am military to apply the discount.

I know that in all locations that military discount is not something that is always so easy to get. Here many companies thrive because there are so many military personnel, or support staff. They are grateful that we are here and that our dollars support the local economy. Other place I know that at some places it is not so. Which is a shame.

Just a side note here, in case you didn’t know. I am not just the spouse, I am also a veteran, so that may change my viewpoint as well.

I may forget to ask my for my discount, but when I go to pay for anything my military ID is on top of my debit card. Any time I reach in my wallet my ID card is there to remind me. Yup, it is in front of my Driver’s license as well. Many times I have had clerks see me reach for my debit card, and notice my ID and apply the military discount.

Here in Texas you can also take your 214 in when you get your license or renew it and they will put it on there that you are a veteran.

Now I am not saying that all places should have a military discount. Am I more likely to shop at some place that does? You betcha! It shows me that they support our military. It may be just with that discount, but trust me that is no small thing. I have lived on a military pay before and every penny counts.

Why do you think we go to Disney so often? They support our military. They offer great ticket and room rates to the military. They also land lease a resort that is entirely military.

So what is this blog post saying? Always ask for that military discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask. The rude people are the exception, not the rule.

Places I shop that give a military discount.

Goodwill Store in San Antonio Area

Salvation Army in San Antonio Area



Disney Store

Hot Topic

Home Depot


Tandy Leather

Every Hotel we have ever stayed at has a discount




Side note: these are the stores that I frequent most often that offer a discount. When we go to the outlet mall every store I have been in offers me a discount. Many times stores are location dependent as well and the discount they give varies. And it is also not available with other offers. Like at JoAnn’ if they have a %off coupon I can’t use that and my military discount it is one or the other.

Do you have any that I should add to my list? Do you ask for the discount?

Funny story. I did ask for my military discount at the Goodwill in Austin. She told me that no they didn’t offer that, but she did have a 55+ discount. Now I am not 55 or over, but she gave it to me. I think it was her way of giving a military discount.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

As Always have a magical day!



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