DIY Disney Valentines

I used to love making my own cards. At Christmas time I would make all my greeting cards myself and send them out. I honestly can’t remember the last time I sent out a hand made card.

During the Christmas season Jesse, at Miss Cherry’s Channel on YouTube had a card exchange. It really got me thinking. It was too late to be doing a bunch of Christmas Cards (I always had to start making before Thanksgiving to get them all done), but there were lots of Holidays in 2019!

It became a New Year’s Resolution or a New Year’s Goal, to make cards and send them out to people. A real connection, instead of just a virtual one!

So… I am starting with Valentine’s Day!

I did do a YouTube Video showing just how I made the cards.

And if you watch the video to the end I even share with you how to get me to send you your own Valentine!

Disney Valentines! DIY Style!

I really enjoy doing crafts, but more importantly I enjoy sharing my crafts. It’s no fun to just have a pile of handmade items sitting around your house!

So tell me what you think? Do you like to share your handmade items?

Are you crafting this Valentine’s Day?

What is your favorite way to share your craft items?

’till next time, Go out and do something Great!

And have a Magical Day!


  • Cheryl Allen

    These cards were beautiful. My daughter Lindsay used to do the stamping. Not so much any more, she’s into writing. Hoping I might get one of these cards, and Tinker Bell is my favorite. Will PM you my address

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