Creative Craft Shop Owners who have Blogs March 2018

Hello Creatives!

Today’s post is going to be a monthly thing. The first weekend of every month I want to list 3 Creative Craft Shop owners who also Blog. This first month I have to be honest, it took a bit of digging to find. Google wasn’t even much help! (Can you imagine?) Maybe my search terms just were not hitting the mark, but Google just kept giving me articles on blogging for crafters, or why Etsy Shop Owners should blog. I get all that. That is what my content is about! I wanted to see the actual results of those how-to articles!

So… I went into my Etsy account and started looking at my favorite shops. In the about section, you can list your website and blog. You KNOW this will be a future post, right? So for the month of March, the Creatives with blogs are from my favorite shops. Full disclaimer, 2 I have purchased from (Love, Love, Love their creative products) and the 3rd I just absolutely adore and am saving my pennies to get one of her luscious hats!

So without further ado here are the 3 Creatives with Blogs!

Gingermelon Dolls

Her dolls are absolutely adorable! And she has patterns. We are talking tiny felt fairy and mermaids here! Just looking at the wonderful pictures on her blog makes me happy! I love her blog and her Etsy Shop!


Paper and Oats

The first blog post up (as of this blog post) is about her journey going from working full time to working for herself and being a single parent. Love her blog! And her products! Come on take a visit. She not only has an Etsy Shop but teaches online on how to Etsy and how to organize!


Felt Wicked Blog

I cannot wait to be able to purchase one of her hats! Another blogger who really knows how to showcase her product in photographs! She doesn’t blog very often, but these photos! She tells a story with her art. It is a must see! I also know she teaches. I am so bummed I missed her class here in Austin, you can be assured that next time I will be there!

And a BONUS Blog and Etsy Shop

Baha Bowtique

Now, this blog and Etsy Shop I have a soft spot in my heart. You can read their story on the blog, and then if you have a child with a hearing loss be sure to visit their Etsy Shop. Becky is my niece.  She and her husband have two beautiful daughters. Stop by and see their wonderful story. She is a gifted blogger, who has a very special Etsy Shop that helps a very targeted community with special needs.


That is it for March!

Are you a Creative with a blog? Please post it in the comments below! I would love to stop by for a visit! And who knows you may see your blog featured here!

Have a fabtabulous day!



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