Create your own treat Disney Caramel Apple

For me it is not a Disney trip until I get my caramel apple. My Disney caramel apple. Disney knows how to do apples. I have had lots of caramel apples in my life, but nothing compares to the Disney apples. There is just extra magic in there that makes them extra delicious!

There are several places around Walt Disney World that you can get apples. In the Magic Kingdom you can usually find a nice variety at Main Street Confectionery. That is the first shop on your right as you enter Main Street from the gate. You know the one. The one you walk through and gain weight just by all the delicious smells? Yeah, that one.

That is always a favorite stop for an apple, because I can get it on my way out and enjoy it when I get back to my room. If you ask they will even cut it for you! Be sure to take a few pictures first though. These apples can be a real work  of art.

There are 2 places in Disney Springs to get Caramel Apples. That I know of, there may be more. The place I want to tell you about is Goofy’s Candy Company. Oh My! If you haven’t been there you really need to visit!

Not only do they have wonderful treats, think Crisped Rice Cereal treats, cupcakes, anything chocolate covered, but they have a place where you can watch them make the treats!

Here she is dipping our apple in M&Ms! We got to watch the whole process! It was a lot of fun to just watch. OK, so it was more fun to actually eat, but you know what I mean.

So how do you get to do this?

At Goofy’s Candy Co you will find a form like this one –

Do you see all the different options? And the one that we LOVED you can get anything dipped in dark chocolate!

You fill out the options that you want (look at them all!) and then stand in line for the cashier. The Create your own Treat Caramel Apples are the SAME price as the other ones! And did I mention they will dip them in dark chocolate?

Anyways, you can then go about browsing the store and smell the wonderful candy (be sure to check out the cotton candy they will custom flavor  for you) until they call your name. Or you can be like us and press your nose to the glass while she makes your treat!

Here is ours! This was actually the second one we did. Yes, it was so good we went back to get one to take home! This one is dipped in dark chocolate with white and chocolate chips and dark chocolate drizzle.

Now I love Disney Caramel Apples. Look at this gorgeous Maleficient one we got at Halloween!

But did I mention that you can get it customized and dipped in Dark Chocolate?

If you are a caramel apple lover, or a dipped marshmallow lover or Mickey Crisped Rice Cereal love or a Gingerbread Mickey cookie lover, why not take a trip to Goofy’s Candy Company and have one made just for you?

I hope this has inspired you to stop by and enjoy a caramel apple. If you don’t get a custom one, get one of the many you can find that are truly works of art!

Go out and do something Great!

And have a magical day!




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