Crafting in 2019

My crafting career started at a young age. I belong to a family that didn’t think of themselves as crafters, but where sewing and home decor, was just something that you did. Mom taught me to sew when I was just 5 or 6. There are quilts that my Mom and Grandmother tied off on a frame in our living room. I was in the 4H as a kid, and learned things such as cooking and sewing and even photography.

Even when I was in the Army I crafted. I do remember that my command was shocked that I came to duty the second day with my patches already sewn on my uniform. Did it myself. I would do cross stitch to keep myself busy.

Once I became a stay at home mom and started homeschooling my kids I really started to enjoy crafting. I did stamping, scrapbooking and of course soap making!

This was in 1996.

There were great crafting shows on TV. Who here remembers Aleene’s Creative Living? I LOVED that show. Why did HGTV cancel that type of show? I wish they would bring it back. I miss these type of videos.

Yes, I know, there are great ones on YouTube, but… I liked to sit down and watch the TV. Call me old fashioned!

So now what?

So that brings us to 2019. Where do we go with crafting. There are stores like JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby and Michaels that cater to the “in” crafting projects. I love to browse through and get ideas. I love that now they have all picked up on the journal theme. Wish they’d done that years ago when I was starting. But sometimes you just want NEW ideas.

What magazines inspire you?

There are a ton of Magazines out. But the good ones? Geez!

What Women Create has gone up to $17 an issue! I did find it on Amazon a bit cheaper. And if you buy it at JoAnn’s you can’t use your coupons. Insert pouty face here. Willow and Sage is also a great magazine. If you are a soap maker so much inspiration here. But again, the price! You do get a bit of a discount by subscription, but to be honest it isn’t much at all!

I also like a UK publication that at JoAnn’s cost $14.50, but I absolutely love it, Check out Daphne’s Diary. If I was going to do a magazine this is what it would be like. Why? Because it is inspiration from all corners of the crafting spectrum. It is cooking and paper crafts and travel and home decor and… and… and… Kind of like the shows that used to be on HGTV.

Where Else to find inspiration?

Then we have YouTube and Pinterest. So many great ideas! The thing with this venues it is like a rabbit hole. TV shows of old and magazines you watch and look through and you are done. You go and craft. YouTube you can go from idea to idea to idea and could feasible spend days, weeks, months and probably even years! Pinterest is even worse.

I want to be inspired to go out and do, not just to watch other people make and do.

So, where is crafting here in the wonderful New Year of 2019?

For awhile after I closed my Etsy Soap shop I kind of lost my crafting mojo (yes, there is such a thing as crafting mojo, you will just have to trust me on this).

I love to craft. What I need to get back to the inspiration of crafting.

She said it and then she went forward and did it!

Want to go down a YouTube rabbit hole with me?

I have two new crafting videos up in December (I will post them below). But I have a ton of ideas that I am going to be adding as time goes on. This week I am working on candy making. Oh My! I used to love doing this when I was a wee girl in High School! Why did I stop. Working with Chocolate is fun!




These are my prototypes I made before I filmed to see if I could do it. They are all gone! I think people liked them!

They are to mix in hot milk to make Hot Chocolate. I personally used mine in my coffee!




It is my goal to be bringing more content like this to my blog and to my YouTube channel. You know many (like this one and the videos below) will have a Disney twist on the idea!

I want to bring crafting shows and inspiration to my channel and back into my life!

Would love to hear what you think and hear your comments! Leave them below!

Here are the two latest

No Sew Minnie Mouse Ears


DIY Disney Ornaments


These ornaments are great all year round, I think! My Tinker Bell one stays on my mantel all the time!

As always go out and do something GREAT!

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