Can I ask a question?

If you look over there in my social media icons, you will see I am on different social media platforms.

I am on YouTube, I am on Instagram, TicTok and good ole Facebook.

I follow a lot of different Disney content on all these platforms.

Do you know how many different Disney Influencers there are?

Let me tell you…  A LOT!

My question is this.

I see a lot of childless millennials. I see the young parents with small kids. Sometimes I even see those with teenagers.

Where are all my Gen X Disney lovers? You know the ones where their kids are out of the house? Its just the couple with maybe a grandkid or two? But most of the time it is either a trip with older kids or just the couple.

They can enjoy the food that they had to rush through when the kids were little. Or maybe have the time, and the money for those sit down meals and a drink or two?

Where are those people?

I really think that is my tribe, but sure can’t find them.

Let me know if you do!


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