And just like that… our Disney Vacation is rescheduled

What a whirlwind of a week! We started the week with an upgrade to the Yacht Club and a 2 week countdown to our annual girl’s trip to Walt Disney World. By Friday the 13th of March, I was on the phone desperately trying to reschedule our getaway.

So what happens when you are 8 days away from leaving for a theme park vacation and they close everything down?

First I had to let my daughters know. One had called me as soon as she had heard about Disneyland in California closing. So she was kind of prepared. She is also the one that was flying in to Orlando. My other daughter and I were driving in from Austin, Texas so we didn’t need to worry about airlines and refunds. We just have gas and hotel fees set aside.

A few hours later came the dreaded news, Disney World would close March 16 through March 31. Those dates totally encompassed our travel plans. What a complete bummer. I broke the news to both of my daughters and then tried to get through on the phone.

Trying to get through on the phone

That night you couldn’t even get through. All I got was the “all circuits are busy, please try your call again later” message. At that time I thanked my lucky stars I no longer worked for Disney Resort line. The same for most of Friday morning.

Finally got through at 12:20 PM. Got through to Disney hold music. There was a message saying they were asking anyone with payments or travel after March 31st to please call back. If you had a check in date between now and the end of March, please stay on the line. I stayed on the line.

I listened to hold music for about 42 minutes and then the dreaded happen! The phone line got disconnected. Noooo!!!! I have to admit, I was pretty upset at this point.

The second connection

So I tried calling back. One time after the other. About the 3rd redial I made it through! I was like, Amazing! I listened to the message again. They told me it was a long wait time. I prepared to settle in for a wait.

Much to my surprise a cast member picked up immediately! At this time I didn’t feel right about telling them about my disconnect so I just gave her my reservation number.

I asked her for dates in October. I told her I was flexible, but we still wanted the Yacht Club, if possible. She took a look.

She came back with the news. They did have a week in October, at the Yacht Club, but it was $600 more…. Ughh. So I asked her to look at our original resort, Port Orleans, Riverside. She had one there as well, but it was $300 more… double ughh. I was like ok, go for the Yacht Club, and I will figure out how to make it work in the next 6 months.

The Cast Member was very sweet. She told me that for some reason it wasn’t letting her change it and she would have to get guest services on the line. I knew that would be another long wait, with the possibility of another disconnect, but told her to go ahead.

Back on Hold

All during that time, I was thinking to myself. First off, not my fault we have to reschedule, but here I am paying more. And how do I pay $600? I can tell the girls we each owe an additional $200 or tell hubby and cover the $600 ourselves. All the time becoming more depressed because I am not going to Disney Next week as planned.

At about the 40 min mark she came back on the line, guest services is looking into it, and she will be right back with me. I tell her thank you. Trying to keep positive.

I did at this point sit down at my computer, had to plug my dyeing cell phone in to charge. I logged into My Disney Experience.

Much to my wondering eyes did appear, the dates have changed. Well that’s good! Let’s see how much I owe. Where is that button. Hmmm …. no make a payment button? Just a “show details” button. That is curious, but I have the date changed if I get disconnected, so feeling a bit better.

The very nice Cast Member comes back on the line. She apologizes for the long hold time. And then says, “but I think it was worth the wait!”

Time for Pixie Dust!

I am not sure what guest services did, but not only did we not owe $600 more, but they owed us $100! I almost cried!

Now let me say ours is a military reservation, so it is not an easy one to juggle. They only have so many rooms slotted and at that time of year is next to impossible for get a room.  But this wonderful Cast Member and the one that I never got to speak to at Guest Services, spread a whole lot of Pixie Dust!

What did we end up with?

An extra 6 months to plan

A trip to Disney during Food and Wine

A trip to Disney for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween

An upgrade to the Yacht Club

The military discount

Still have the dining plan

and $100 to put towards parking

Not bad. Or at least we are thinking. Yes, we are disappointed that we won’t be together this month. With everything going on though I do know that Disney did the right thing shutting down.

I am just happy we were able to get everything rescheduled. Yes, we will have to redo all our dining and fast passes, but that is what it is.

Thank you Hard Working Cast Members!

Thanks to all the hard working Cast Members on that resort reservation line! You are spreading magic and pixie dust where you can and there are so many of us who really appreciate it!

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