7 Ways to Battle Post Disney Blues

You have had a fabulous time at Walt Disney World! You had fun with your family, ate delicious food, rode thrill rides ’till you screamed, and watched broadway type shows that made you cry.

It was fun, exhilarating and memory making.

But then the worst happened. You had to leave. The hardest part of any vacation, in my opinion. Coming home and getting back into the routine of daily life can bring on a serious case of the Disney Blues.

So how do you battle the Disney Blues?

Here are 7 great ideas to help you get out of the Disney Blues and put some of that Disney magic into your every day life!

#1 Bring home some of the Disney Magic

Now this may take a bit of planning, but is so worth it. We always bring home a Disney snack! It could be something as simple as a rice Krispie treat. No one makes them like Disney. This trip I brought home a caramel apple. It was nice to know that I still had something special to enjoy from Disney at home.

Forget to bring something home? Or couldn’t fit it in your luggage? There are some great shopping service that will send you Disney Snack!

#2 Enjoy those pictures

I try to look at my pictures while on vacation, but really? We are just having to much fun to go through them all! Getting home and looking through both the Memory Maker and the pictures on our phones and cameras is so much fun! Many times there are great surprises too! Last time we all share our pictures before we left for home, so when we got home we had everyone’s pictures to look through. It was great seeing our memories from different angles!


#3 Wear those Disney Souvenirs

I know you bought something to wear! It could have been ears, a hat, a shirt or even shoes! Yes, I have bought sneakers at Disney. An unfortunate sneaker fiasco! Always pack an extra pair, but the gift shop does have some really comfy ones too! Every time I lace up my Mickey Mouse Sneakers I am reminded of how much fun we had! Same goes with the shirts, and yes, you can wear those ears! Even if it is just around the house, let the magic in!

#4 Make some Disney recipes!

There are a wide variety of Disney cookbooks, but if you didn’t get one, just google it! We have tried the Dole Whip recipe that was delicious and reminded us so much of our time at the Poly. There is also some for different snack around the park. Check out my friend Bethany of The Pintastic Girls video of Copycat Epcot’s Croissant Donut. I can’t wait to try that one!

#5 Watch some YouTube Disney Videos

This is a rabbit hole I will warn you right now! There are tons of great videos out there of people at the parks, people talking about the parks, People unboxing merchandise from the parks, Disney Pin Trading videos and the list goes on and on and on! Oh and be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well. Lots of great Disney Content there ya know! Judith L Davis ~~~ I want to go to Disney.

Be sure to subscribe while you are there! And let me know what you think!

#6 Watch Disney Movies

Isn’t this where it all started? I mean really? We all enjoyed Disney movies as a kid and then dreamed of going to Disney World or Disneyland. Some of us were lucky enough to go as kids. But it all goes back to watching the great movies! I mean I could binge watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Who am I kidding, I do binge watch Pirates of the Caribbean. My hubby even Cosplayed Captain Jack Sparrow at the last Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween!



#7 Start planning your next Disney Vacation!

This is probably my favorite way to get over the post Disney Blues! Many times planning the trip is half the fun. Ok, maybe not half, maybe an eighth of the fun? Any way you look at it, if you are planning for your next Disney adventure, there is little time to be blue that you had to leave.

I hope those 7 ideas helped you out! Would love to hear what you do to get over your post Disney Blues. Leave a comment below! Would love to hear from you!

As always, Go out there and do something great! And have a Magical Day!

7 ways to battle post Disney Blues

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