7 ways on how to save money on a Disney vacation

I often get the question “Your going to Disney again? How can you afford to go so often?” For starters we have gotten very good at ways to save money on a Disney Vacation. It is often easier to save for something that you really love and enjoy. But there are other ways to save money on a Disney Vacation other than saving pennies and dimes. There are way to cut cost on your Disney vacation as well.

My husband is also a retired Military Veteran, and Disney offers a discount. You can check these discounts out if you are a Military Veteran or on active duty HERE.

That all being said, I realize that many, many people who are wishing to travel to Disney are not Military, Florida residents or Disney employees. These are the three groups that qualify for discounts on a regular basis.

So if you aren’t one of these groups, how do you afford Disney? Here are 7 ways on how to save money on a Disney vacation.

#1 Disney Offers

First thing you can do is wait for the deals that Disney does offer. Throughout the year Disney offers different discounts. Most everyone who has Disney aspirations has heard about Free Dining. There are also other offers. You can find a list of current offers HERE. But always make sure that these deals are a good deal. If you don’t usually do park hoppers, but upgrade just to get the free dining, make sure you are actually saving money for example.

#2 Consider an Annual Pass

Now I know you are thinking, WOW! That isn’t saving money, that is spending money! You will have to price this out, but it could actually save money.

For starters only one person in your party needs to be an annual passholder to get the discounts. If you are going for 5 days a 5 day park hopper ticket is about $550. An annual pass is $894. So if it saves more than $350 it is actually worth it. You also have to consider that you then get discounts on purchases and dining. Passholders also get special rates at resorts. Price it out and see if it would benefit your plans to visit Walt Disney World!

#3 The Disney Visa Card

I am not saying go out and get a new credit card to add to your debt, but if you are shopping for a credit card, this may be a good option. Get a list of Disney Park Perks HERE. These perks include discounts on dining and purchases. They also may offer discounts on resort stays during the year. You have to ask.

They have a reward program that offers Money to spend at Disney. Now, please, please, please, use credit wisely, but you can pay for things and then earn money for Disney, which is kind of cool. I use it when we go out to eat and earned money back which I then applied to my last stay.

#4 Use Target’s Red Card

Now this is not a credit card, well I guess it can be, but mine is the debit version. It directly links to my checking account. It saves you 5% on your purchases. Money which I apply to my Disney savings account. But it also get’s you 5% off on Disney Gift Cards!


#5 Purchase discount Gift Cards

Places such as Sam’s Club and Costco have Disney gift cards, which you can use to pay for your vacation. The discount varies from time to time. I know I purchased a $150 for $144 at Sam’s Club. Check out what your locale offers.

#6 Money Saving Apps

First off these are affiliate links, I am going to be honest right up front.

First is Swagbucks. Now they have different offers you can do and surveys you can do for Swagbucks, which you can cash out for gift cards or into your PayPal account. But… They also offer Swagbucks for shopping online! I have gotten Swagbucks for QVC, Amazon, HSN, Petco and others. Simply by logging in to my Swagbucks account first and then shopping! Shopping I was going to do anyways! I purchase Petco gift cards. I get a discount, I get swaybacks and then I go and buy the dogwood that I need. WinWin and more money in my Disney Savings Account!

Then there is Ibotta. I shop at Target, HEB and JoAnn’s a lot. Each of these stores have items they offer cash back on. JoAnn’s even offers a flat cash back on my total! Stuff I was going to buy anyways, like groceries, I am getting cash back on! Once you hit the $20 threshold you can transfer it to PayPal or Vemo.  One of my favorite ways to save for Disney!

#7 Be creative!

Disney is expensive, but you know there are lots of ways to get creative about earning the money to get to Disney. Have a yard sale! Sell your crafts on Etsy. Start Pet sitting. (let me know if you are a local that starts that, I could really use a good pet sitter!) Deliver groceries or fast food. There are tons of ways that people can make a little side hustle money!


In Closing

There are a ton of groups online, on Facebook especially, that specialize in saving for Disney. There are so many great ideas out there. But if you really want to go you can do it! It may not be for everyone, but those of us who love Disney, know that some times you have to work for it!

As always go out there and do something great! And have a Magical Day!

how to save money on a Disney Vacation


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