5 Ways to Save for Disney


Let’s face it, Disney is expensive. For many families it is the most expensive trip they will ever take. Many families take years to save and plan for their Disney experience. Sometimes saving for Disney can seem a daunting task, but it is something that is definitely doable. Here are 5 ways to save for Disney. While there are many ways, this is a starting point for your savings plan. And we need starting points and follow through for all savings plans.

#1 Stop eating out or eating out as much

The #1 of the 5 Ways to Save for Disney is to stop eating out. We have become a culture that eats fast foods. A lot of times we eat fast foods in our cars. Do you know just how much money that connivence cost you? Even if you think it is just $10, over time that adds up. $10 once a week for a month equals $40. If you eat out twice a week at $10 a pop that is $80. That is a lot of money that could be used in your Disney fund.

Can’t go cold turkey? Cut it in half! Once a week at Starbucks rather than twice a week will save about $20 a month, and that is a conservative number.

#2 Use coupons wisely

Coupons only save you money when you are buying things that you would buy.

For example – Buy a dozen donuts, get one free. Well if I had no intention of buying a dozen donuts, am I really saving money buying 1 just to get a free one?

And how much toothpaste does one really need? Think of the space it takes up and the time it has taken.

Buy what you need and use coupons for that.

Good examples are – Buying small appliances at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Use their coupons to save money! Craft supplies that you are going to use always have percentage off coupons on their apps that will save you money.

Our grocery store (H.E.B. in Texas) has coupons hanging on the items that they are for. But again, use these coupons only if it is an item that you are going to use. H.E.B. is always offering coupons for free pickles if you buy sausage. Do you realize how many jars of pickles I have?

#3 Use Savings Apps

I love savings shopping apps! Today on my trip to Target I got $1.85 cash back. Just for buying stuff that was on my list! I am not talking by using a coupon and having the coupon taken off my total (though I did get a $3 coupon on my meat). When you use a cash back app you get money for buying the stuff that you usually buy.

I use Ibotta a lot. https://ibotta.com/r/vbslmod (that is an affiliate link)

How I use it is, when I put an item in my cart, I check to see if it is on the ibotta app. If it is I activate the offer. I can usually find dog treats, soda and the coffee creamer I like. Today I found butter and a general grocery item. Once I pay for the item and get the receipt I scan it in and they add the cash to my account. Once you reach $20 you can use Venmo or PayPal and get your money! They do have gift cards as well, sorry no Disney gift cards. I usually have it sent to my PayPal which I then use to pay for the Disney Gift Cards!

There are lots of great savings apps out there. ShopKicks  is another great one. Often times you don’t have to buy anything, just scan the barcode. They offer PayPal as well as other great gift cards. Again no Disney Gift Cards, but cards you can use to purchase Disney Gift Cards!

#4 Stop shopping or cut down on the amount of shopping trips

Recreational shopping is a huge budget buster! Everyone knows this. But do you realize that multiple trips to buy essentials can also be detrimental to your budget? #4 of the 5 Ways to Save for Disney is good for Disney savings or anything you are saving for!

Think about it. If you have one trip a week to the grocery store you only have 1 opportunity to buy “extras”. If you add an additional trip or 2 then you have increased your chances of buying more impulse items, or items that are a want rather than a need.

You can consider curbside service as well. Remove all temptation and stick to your list by having the items brought straight to you car. This way you never have to step into the store. I know our local grocery store is doing this as well as Target and Walmart. Yes, you can still use the savings apps when you shop this way too!

#5 Save your change for a way to save for Disney

You are going to, at some point, have someone hand you change. Even if you are only using your card, we still acquire change. Many of us throw it in our purse, or in a cubby in our car. Where it sits. Mine usually sits for awhile. I use it when I need to get air in my tires or a tip for a hard worker at Sonic and have no cash. Yes, I have counted $3 in quarters for a girl at Sonic. Good thing they know me there!

But that change could be adding to your Disney fund!

Use a jar to add your change to every night or every week. Then you can watch your fund grow as the jar fills.

Bonus! Target Red Card

And a bonus for the 5 Ways to Save for Disney is a Target Red Card! If you know me, you know that I prefer Target. I have a Target Red Card, the debit version, not the credit card. Any time I use it, the amount comes straight out of my checking account. So, I am not advocating that you get a credit card!

The advantage to a Target Red Card is that you get 5% off everything that you purchase! I grocery shop at Target, so these are items that I know that I would be buying. I do comparison shop, so I know if things are cheaper at Target or at our local grocery store. So by purchasing items that I know are already a better deal and then the 5% off on top of that? What a great savings!

The thing is that if you purchase a Disney Gift Card with your Target Red Card, you also get 5% off the gift card! That is like saving 5% on your Disney vacation! Now you maybe saying that 5% isn’t worth it, but think about it a moment. If I pay for my Disney Vacation in Gift Cards and my vacation is $2000 buying them at Target with your Red Card saves you $100! I can do a lot with $100 can’t you?

5 ways to save for Disney

I really hope that you have found some ideas here that help you with your Disney Savings account. These methods can be applied to any goal, not just a Disney Savings Goal.

Saving money can be time consuming, but it can also be a lot of fun. Think of it as a challenge!

oh and want to see the YouTube that goes along with this blog post? Here it is!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_B8-qM1Bi8[/embedyt]

Until next time, go out there and do something great!

And have a magical day!



    • Judi

      It works great for Disney, but I assume that it would work for many of the gift cards they have available, other than the MasterCard and Visa. For those you don’t get the 5% back.

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