5 tips for Disney Resort Reservations

Oh My! Let the magic begin! Here are 5 tips for your Disney Resort Reservation!

I am so excited for you! You are thinking about, or actually getting ready to call that Magical number and make your Disney Reservation! For me planning a Disney vacation is almost as fun as going on the Disney vacation!

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time making a reservation, or your 10th time making a reservation, it is still exciting! I just want to offer you some tips to help you get the best experience ever!

Tip #1 Make a List of Your Priorities

What you are looking for on your magical vacation is way different than what other people may want on their vacation. Make sure you ask others that are going on the trip as well. Where to stay, amenities and budget may all play a crucial role in your reservation. You wouldn’t want to book a vacation at the All Star Resort if your significant other really had their heart set on staying at Art of Animation. Find out what everyone wants and make a list!

Tip #2 Do Your Research

There are 25 Disney Resorts at Walt Disney Resort, with more being added all the time. They each have a different style and different amenities. Take that list of priorities and decide which ones are right for you!

Consider location, price point and amenities. Each one has different offerings even in the different tiers. For example Coronado Springs is a moderate resort, but it has a Spa and Fitness center that other moderate resorts don’t have. Several value resorts have family suites, but not all. All Star Music and the Art of Animation are the two value resorts to check out if this is what you are looking for.

I am sure that there is one there that will suit your needs and those traveling with you.

Tip #3 Be Flexible with the dates for your Disney Resort Reservation

Unless you are making last minute reservations, or have an event to attend, pick out a couple of dates that work for you. That way availability will be easier to find. Often a cast member cannot find a room for specific dates, but they may be able to for some other time. This could be something as simple as moving it forward or backward a day.

This is especially true for the promotions, like free dining and Military rates. Disney only offers so many rooms per resort for these promotional prices. Once they are gone they are gone. But you may be able to find one if you change your dates.

Tip #4 Be Flexible with your resorts

Just like the dates the Cast Member may be able to find you availability if you are open to looking at different resorts.

Even if you just want to see what the price difference is between a moderate and a value they will look it up for you and look for any offers that are available!

Tip #5 Consider your options

Now I am talking about tickets and dining, both of which can be included in your resort reservation. But for both tickets and dining there are options!

Tickets come in 3 tiers – base tickets, hopper tickets and hopper plus tickets. You then have to decide how many days you want to get tickets for? Do you want a resort or Disney Springs day?

Remember if you are military (active duty or retired) you will not get these tickets, your tickets are different. See my post on military tickets HERE.

Then there is the dining plan. Even when your Disney Resort Reservation qualifies for free dining, you have the option to upgrade it! So you need to consider the options. Do you want just quick service? Or maybe a combination of quick serves and table service. Or maybe you are a foodie and want the deluxe plan? Weigh out those options!

Bonus – Be Nice to that Cast Member

Cast members are working their hardest to make your vacation magical! They will do all that they can. But I guarantee more magic happens when you are nice to the cast member. While they will do their jobs regardless, they will really help you get what you are looking for, even if they have to get out the pixie dust, if you are patient and kind.

Keep in mind there are only so many rooms and dates available to the cast member. You may have to call back several times as well. But persistence and kindness pay off!

For a bonus I have made a download for you to keep with you when you call to make your Disney Resort Reservation. You can access it HERE. It has a place to put in all the information so you will have it right at your fingertips when you call! I also included a space for other information, like the date you called and your resort reservation number.

Of course there is a YouTube video with lots of this same information and more! You can find it below.

I hope this has really helped you out as your journey begins on taking the most magical vacation at Walt Disney World!

Would love to hear your comments below!

Until next time!




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