Working from home, a lonely job

I am going to be brutally honest in this post. I feel like I can’t be the only one, but some days (weeks, months, years, etc) it sure does feel like it.

I have been working online for over 10 years. That is a really long time to struggle and worry and work your butt off. I have had mild success with my Etsy shop. I know it is a great deal more than most, but it is far from the success that I want to have. I have had some success as a writer/VA as well. Again I am not at the point that I want to be.

I do see all these people that tout, I make a 6 figure income! They say, Let me show you how! I have signed up for several of these myself. I still haven’t made it to this point. Many days I don’t think I ever will.  But I keep working to that point. I have goals and I am working towards those.

But, there is little to no support system. Now I have my husband and kids. While they think that I am a bit strange, they kinda just laugh it off and say “you can do it”. But don’t understand when I get frustrated. Many times they don’t understand the passion that I have for writing or for soap making. They don’t understand that I have bright shiny object syndrome and like to try new things. They get frustrated with me that I do things and fail and then want to try to do something else. And that is just the family that lives here in the house. Once we get outside this house, well… I don’t live anywhere near my family so they can’t stop by a craft show. They may if they lived closer, but for many it just isn’t their thing. And when it comes to my blog, my VA work or my writing, my family and friends just don’t get it.  I understand that really I do. It isn’t something that is a traditional job. It isn’t something that has made me rich and famous. Many people don’t even see me as having a real job.

I have a few female friends online that are doing what I do. And when I say a few I mean I can count them on one hand. I used to have a ton of friends, both in person and online. That was before I started actually trying to work and make money online. I have joined online women’s groups, but I am not an outgoing person anymore. I have joined local groups (from my small town) but those groups don’t talk much. OK they don’t talk at all. I guess they are just a bunch of introvert such as myself.

We also moved to a small Texas town several years ago. Because I work from home, I don’t go outside the house to work. I haven’t met anyone that shares my interests or does what I do. So there is no going out with girlfriends for coffee or shopping. I don’t want to go to the big city to be able to network with other women. I don’t live in the big city anymore. So where do I find that support that I long for?

So what am I saying in this post?

Working from home is not for wimps. It gets lonely. It gets frustrating. I guarantee it! Even if you have a great and supportive family, they aren’t going to “get it” all the time. Many family members are going to ask you when you are going to get a real job. You can’t depend on your family to share your FB status all the time. You also can’t expect them to fill your Etsy shop with sales. You can’t expect them to do your hustle.

Until you get to the point where you can hire someone you have to get your own hustle. And that hustle can be a long way down the road. Many times you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone. In other words, you have to leave that safe zone.

Join groups. Join online groups, but also groups in your local area. If there aren’t groups in your area, maybe start one yourself. But don’t let it be one of those that are inactive. You need the support of others that are struggling to succeed like you are. Someone that you may be able to share the frustration. Maybe find a group that really knows the encouragement that you need.

Just remember you are not alone. There are many out there that feel just like you do! I know that there are definitely days that I do! And with that, how many out there reading this right now feel that way? How many of you that are reading this would like to say, “I work from home and I feel lonely and unsupported?”

But for every one of you that feels that way, I want you to know. You are TALENTED! I know you can do this! I know sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. And I also know that many of you will do just that. It makes me sad. You have a special gift that only you can give the world. Find that gift and if working from home is the best way to deliver that gift that keep striving for your dream. Just find a group of woman (or men, or both) that can help you along your journey.

If anyone knows of a support group I would be delighted to list it here. Just leave it in the comments and I will add it to the post.

I know that I didn’t SEO this blog post. I felt it was too important to try to squeeze in keywords. So if you like this article please share it. Let others know that you support them! And let other’s know if you need support!




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