How to get seen on ETSY

I get asked this a lot. I sell on ETSY and I do craft fairs. Many people at craft fairs want to take the next step and have a shop on ETSY. It seems to be a natural progression.

The thing is, if you want more than just your friends and family buying your product at your Etsy Shop you have to get your product seen. For many people this is a huge stumbling block. But there are a few tips and tricks to get seen. I am just going to list 5 here. Keep in mind that this is just a general over view. I could post in depth post on each topic and probably still not cover all the information!

  1.  Take great pictures! I have seen some really lousy pictures of great products on ETSY. I am not saying you need to go out and purchase an expensive light box (but I won’t discourage you either!).  You have to remember that your customer can’t touch and feel your product. Their only impression is through the pictures and your description. Make sure that your product is the only thing in the picture. Make sure that your product is not competing with something else in the picture.  Put your product on a very plain background, preferable white. I know sometimes this is hard, but it really does make a difference.  Make sure it is a close up as well. People want to see the details! Take multiple pictures from all angles. ETSY allows 5 photos, use them!
  2. Learn SEO. So you don’t have to be an expert, but learn what keywords you need to use and how to use them in your title and description. Don’t know what SEO is? Search engine optimization. It is how the search engine finds you in a search. You have to figure out what people are entering to find your product in ETSY.
  3. Be very description in your description. Put in the measurements, yes, but also use words that will make your customer have to purchase your product. The charm is gold colored as opposed to the luscious gold color of this charm will make your eyes sparkle with delight.
  4. Use those tags and use all of them. This is a prime spot for multiple keywords. Use up every single tag they allow you. Even if you aren’t sure of a keyword, if you have an extra tag use it!
  5. Tweak, tweak, tweak! Never be happy with what you have. Things are always changing. Edit for grammar and spelling. Always go back and change it. Search engines like to see new things!

Bonus – Never make two listings the same. Even if they are the exact same product, make the description different. Search engines know if the picture and descriptions are the same. Just don’t do it!

This may sound overwhelming and impossible at first, but with practice this will get to be second nature!

And if you need help, Let me know! Use the contact page above to send me questions or ask for a quote of services.


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